Maskmaker announced for VR formats

InnerspaceVR, the team behind the award winning A Fisherman’s Tale have a new game on the horizon, it’s called Maskmaker and it will arrive on 20th April for PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

The game has you taking the role of a Maskmaker’s apprentice in a mysterious universe where you can learn “the magic of crafting masks” which allows you to take over the bodies of other beings within the realm. You will meet Prospero, the powerful “leader” of the mask realm and then craft masks, leading to new areas where you can solve puzzles, develop new skills, and scavenge for new resources to help you build even more masks.


“Our team set out to create a non-linear adventure that gives players a strong sense of presence as they explore the mysterious universe of Maskmaker,” said Balthazar Auxietre, creative director and co-founder, InnerspaceVR. “We carefully designed the game to help players feel like a real craftsman when creating these intricate masks, and experience the freedom and discovery as they traverse through unique worlds to uncover the secrets of the mask realm.”

We gave A Fisherman’s Tale an excellent 8/10 in our review back in January last year. This is what Jason had to say, will Maskmaker be just as good?

A Fisherman’s Tale succeeds in being one of the most interesting games on VR. It is charming, magical, and awe-inspiring. It manages to do all of this with you playing as a puppet, and feeling a huge amount of warmth towards that little puppet. It is just a shame that the playtime is so short, even just an extra couple of hours would have made this impossible to miss. As it stands, it is a wonderful game that deserves playing, but the play time is such a drawback to an otherwise impeccable game.

Source: Press release

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