[UPDATE] PC players are experiencing performance issues with Nioh 2: Complete Edition

PC players are reporting major performance issues in the Nioh 2: Complete Edition which released at the tail end of last week (February 5th). Users have flooded Steam and Metacritic with negative reviews over the weekend, voicing their frustrations with the performance and poor PC optimisation. Nioh 2:Complete Edition’s Metacritic user rating is currently at 4.5 out of 10 and 39% of its Steam reviews are negative. Issues include low FPS performance, crashes, inconsistent key-bindings and controller issues.

PC launches are always a little difficult as there’s such an array of setups to optimise for, but the general consensus seems to be that the Complete Edition of Nioh 2 is struggling to run on both new and older hardware alike.


Take for example this review from Steam User 先輩JustJosh先輩

Game is so, so good but I can’t recommend right now. Am running an RTX 3080 and R9 5900x and am getting frame drops to 25 fps…

Steam user Sevuz is running on a slightly older RTX 2070, but is also having framerate issues.

This game needs patch. It has some nasty fps drops. we are talking about drops into the 15-20 fps in battles which is not okay. So yeah, don’t get this game until they patch it. CPU: i7-9700K GPU: RTX 2070 RAM: 32

The Complete Edition of Nioh 2 boasts 4k Ultra-HD support, Ultra Wide-Screen Compatibility, HDR & 144hz Monitor Support and interestingly, lists a consistent 60/120 frames per second. The Complete Edition also launched on PS5, although there doesn’t seem to be the same performance issues we’re seeing on the PC version.

Team Ninja, the developers behind Nioh 2, tweeted earlier today about the reported issues, stating it is “currently investigating and plan to continue updating from February to March.”

In the Tweet, the team states that improvement to performance will come via Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology (DLSS) support, although nothing has been said about performance improvements for those without DLSS enabled graphics cards. We will update this story as soon as any new information is provided.

We recently reviewed the Complete Edition on PC and didn’t experience too many performance issues but we did highlight there was some stuttering. Even with a torrent of negative reviews across Steam and Metacritic, users are still praising the game itself, indicating that the quality of the title isn’t the issue, but rather the way it has been ported to PC.

UPDATE: We have received the following statement from Team Ninja

Thanks to everyone who purchased Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition.We have heard your comments over the past few days about various issues found inside the game. We are taking all of your messages into account and are actively working on several updates planned to release during February and March to fix these issues. The content of the upcoming updates include:
–             Several bug fixes
–             Improvement of the performance of the game via the integration of DLSS
–             The addition of keyboard & mouse promptsThank you for supporting the Nioh series!