Adventure puzzle game Harmony’s Odyssey announced for Nintendo Switch & PC

Blending together the modern world with a comedic take on mythology, Harmony’s Odyssey is a quirky looking, and thoroughly colourful adventure puzzle game coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021. Obviously, all of the tangled puzzles that you’re set to unravelling are that fault of a mischievous black cat.


Hailing for a peaceful forest near the city Olympus Harmony is a young wizard (though some would surely describe her as a witch), who has to head out from her hut to chase after her cat, who stole her magic wand and used it to completely mess up the world.

The game features little worlds made out of tiles that you have to reoganise so that everything is back just the way it should be with, for example, cars that need to be able to drive through the world along properly connected roads. Without order, the fables and urban legends aren’t able to go about their daily lives, with Minotaurs getting ready for a Bull Football match, penguins looking to shoot selfies, and dragons getting stuck in traffic.

It’s got a cutesy art style to bring it together, and will feature seven distinctive worlds and a range of mini-games as well.

Source: press release

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