Paradise Lost trailer explores an alternate timeline where WWII went on for decades

All In! Games and developer PolyAmorous have released a brand new trailer for the post-apocalyptic title Paradise Lost. This trailer explores the Paradise Lost’s alternate timeline where WWII took place over decades, with the USA not joining for nearly 20 years after hostilities began. In this alternate timeline, Nazi Germany builds its own nuclear arsenal and as the allies close in the Nazi’s bombard Europe with those nuclear bombs. The Nazi’s hide in bunkers but are infiltrated by the Polish resistance. Europe remains a nuclear wasteland and it is one you can explore in Paradise Lost.


In Paradise Lost players take on the role of Szymon, a 12 year old boy who is exploring post-nuclear bombarded Poland in 1980. As he explores the world Szymon finds one of the Nazi’s bunkers and makes his way inside. As he explores the bunker, Szymon searches for a man in a photo. A photo that his mother had left him. The bunker itself appears abandoned but Szymon is guided by a mysterious voice belonging to some claiming to be called Ewa. Players will explore this uninhabited bunker which is covered in Slavic pagan imagery and industrial technology.

Paradise Lost is currently available to pre-order on Steam, and it is scheduled to be released in 2021.The game is also slated to be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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