Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie title has Tails in “extremely obvious” announcement

The official title for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie has been revealed to be Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by the Sonic the Hedgehog movie Twitter account. They dubbed it “groundbreaking”, not to mention “thought provoking,” but admittedly also “extremely obvious”.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be coming to movie theatres (we really, really hope) on 8th April 2022.


I guess the latter two statements probably allude to the two tails that the number 2 in the title has, which obviously referred to the two-tailed fox known as Tails to fans of the franchise. In fairness, this is probably the least surprising news (“extremely obvious” if you will) to anyone that watched the original film and stuck around for the teaser post-credits scene, which featured, well…. Tails!

Sonic the Hedgehog was a big hit at the box office in the pre-pandemic start to 2020. The film sprinted past the previous record for an opening weekend, set last year by Detective Pikachu, managing to overcome an extensive delay and redevelopment to be a success. The film sees Sonic, voiced by Ben Schwartz, making a new life for himself on Earth. After setting off an EMP pulse that knocks out power across a large part of North America, the US government puts Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik on his tail, forcing Sonic to make a new best friend in Tom, played by James Marsden, and road trip across America. It doesn’t really make too much sense, but then it’s a video game movie for kids.

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We reviewed it on its cinematic debut, calling it “A solid, fun and watchable family film, Sonic The Hedgehog doesn’t always hang together, but it does at least do justice to one of gaming’s most iconic characters.”

Elsewhere in the Sonic-verse, Netflix announced Sonic Prime, a new animated series that is in development for the streaming giant, while LEGO has announced that they will be taking the fan-suggested Sonic the Hedgehog set and making it a reality.

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  1. Let’s wait until we see Tails face and then complain until they get the Tails look right and it will be released for Feb 2023!

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