How long is Bowser’s Fury in Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch?

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is out now, and for fans of the original Wii U version of the game, the main question is likely going to be how long is Bowser’s Fury? It’s a fair question, because if you already know what’s in store for you with the main game, then your interest in this package, and your decision to buy it or not, could well be based entirely on Bowser’s Fury.

Bowser’s Fury is effectively a brand-new Mario game that’s bundled in alongside the Switch remaster. It’s an open-world game that has you running around a beautiful world while collecting Cat Shines and fighting off the biggest, baddest Bowser we’ve ever seen. It’s a blast, and the ability to play it in local two player co-op adds in a little bit more potential if you’re looking for a new game to play with a friend.

How long is Bowser’s Fury?

Bowser’s Fury has you collecting Cat Shines and fighting off Fury Bowser a few times during your time with it. To beat the game, you need to have collected 50 of the 100 total Cat Shines, as well as fought off the big bad roughly five times along the way, though that will depend on how long it takes you to gather the Shines and also whether or not Fury Bowser absolutely trashes you or if you come out on top every time you get into a scrap with him.


This took me around four hours, so that’s probably a good average for anybody else who’s familiar with Mario games and also likes collecting stuff at a good pace. I only lost to Bowser once during that time too, and was pushing myself to get through it quite quickly while reviewing the game. If I were playing it through with my wife or little one, I’d probably take a bit more time over it.

Is there more to do after defeating Bowser?

The good news is that, despite this fairly short run time, you can continue playing this mode after you’ve beaten Bowser.

There are one hundred Cat Shines in the game, so it should be around the eight hour mark if you’re planning on 100% completing the game. While you’ll not have to contend with the same troubles you had before finishing the game, the ones left after you’ve beaten Bowser will likely be harder to get on average.

However, this is offset by the ability to teleport around the map at will. This makes hopping from island to island a breeze, and as you can see in the map above, it’s a sizeable map predominately covered with water. While Plessie does offer really good mobility, the option to teleport will speed things up substantially.

Of course, once you’re done with Bowser’s Fury you still have Super Mario 3D World itself to play and enjoy, and thanks to the online co-op, there’s a lot more hours in the game than there used to be. You’ll be satisfied for a long time with the game as a package, but that should answer the question of how long is Bowser’s Fury.

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