What We Played #485 – Destruction AllStars, Bravely Default II & Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

While it might not seem like all that much has changed, some thing certainly have, including the fact that’s it’s now half term and parent’s around the land will sigh with relief at a week off from home-schooling. It’ll certainly mean for plenty multi-generational game playing anyway, and we’ve started it off this afternoon with some Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’d forgotten just how good it was, and we’ve had a great time despatching Stormtroopers already. I’ve continued to have a whale of a time with Destruction AllStars, mostly placing in the top three for every match, and Lupita is my top tier choice every time. I’ve also continued with FFVII Remake, and am fairly certain I’m getting somewhere towards the end. It’s sagged a little in the middle I think, but I’m hoping for a strong (kind of) finish.

Jason has been playing Nioh 2 and still hasn’t had any tech issues (which you can read about), Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (which you can also read about), Slay the Spire on mobile (which you will be able to read about sometime soon) and a little bit of Rocket League too.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, obviously because there’s a new season, and The Elder Scrolls Online, saying “My friend can’t play first person games so I’ve agreed to play that with him. It is janky as fuck and feels so dated on a PS5.”

Nic B has played Persona 5 Strikers, “which is an excellent sequel to Persona 5. I’ve also been smashing it on Pokémon Go, having finally caught all 151 Kanto Pokémon. Only took 4 years, but we got there!”

Gareth has 100%ed Miles Morales and started New Game +, hoping to have the platinum by the end of the week. He continues, “I played some Control and can’t bring myself to trade RTX 30fps for 60fps, so have been dying repeatedly. I’ve also played a decent amount of Destruction All Stars, which is a lot of fun although it is annoying that I’m better at crashing when I’m trying not to in a normal racing game. I also completed Injustice 2’s story mode and I’ve resumed my now seemingly ancient Days Gone save thanks to that PS+ game collection thing. Elsewhere, I’ve completed yet another section of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which seems reluctant to end and less likely by the minute to come to a satisfying conclusion. I also briefly considered trying Monster Hunter World Iceborne before changing my mind because I’d only be lost. It’s a lot of stuff. All praise the PS5!”

Jim has also been dipping in and out of Destruction AllStars, “which has been fun in short bursts to fill some time”. He continues, “I’ve mainly been focusing on the backlog and surprised myself by mainlining Ashen. It’s what you might call of Dark Souls lite, hitting those similar Soulslike beats but slightly more linear and without some of that vague hidden depth. The final boss was a right pain but glad I managed to hit the end credits. I’ve also been playing Final Fantasy IV and Moonlighter.”

Meanwhile, Reuben has spent most of the week playing Bravely Default II, and have been enjoying jumping into a classic-style JRPG again. “Also, I’ve dropped back into Street Fighter V to get hype for this week’s livestream and to write up a feature on five years of the game.

Aran has been playing Mutropolis for review. More on that next week. “I have also been playing AC Valhalla and have now started the Essex arc. Still enjoying my time. Had levelled up quite a bit and went back to a very high level boss thinking I was ready. I was not ready. Soon I’ll win that fight.”

Steve has been playing a couple of games for review which he tells us about; “The first is Blue Fire which is a great mixture of Zelda, Hollow Knight and the Void levels from Super Mario Sunshine. Unfortunately the PC version has an issue with Unreal engine crashes which the devs are working on patching. I also have Early Access code for Rustler which is old school GTA in a medieval world. The rest of this week I spent playing 143 demos on Steam for some features. There were some real highlights here so keep an eye out for previews and articles around this. Despite having an unplayed copy of Super Mario 3D World in my wallet of Wii U games I’m severely tempted to pick up the Switch version as a treat for myself.”

Going for total assassination, Nick P managed to get the Platinum on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, telling us that it was a “solid experience although a little too big. Definitely got me back into the series again. I started playing Hitman 3 properly and I’m loving how inventive you can be. Finally, I had a little go on Destruction AllStars which was a fun distraction.”

Finally, Tef dove into an advance session for the Roller Champions closed beta, and came away fairly impressed. There’s depth here, and it’s great when the teamwork makes the dream work, but can it capture the hearts of millions like Rocket League managed? We’ll see. Aside from that, he’s been dialling up his more intellectually nefarious side for an upcoming preview. What could it be?

Now then, it’s over to you. What have you played?

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  1. I got the platinum for Phoenix Wright and have moved on to Far Cry New Dawn, which seems ok although I can see why people felt it was more of an expansion than a full game. Still playing Everybody’s Golf on Vita.
    I’ve also managed to have over a year of PS Plus membership taken off me for reasons unknown. I think it’s because I had automatic renewal on, so it has given me a notification saying that has been renewed, although it hasn’t charged me yet but has taken the additional months that I had remaining on my account away. I bought and redeemed a 12 month voucher from Shopto.net on Black Friday, but Psn has essentially removed that. Which is annoying. I’ve emailed Sony, but they’ve not responded yet…

  2. More having things go horribly wrong and punching everyone in the face before hiding them in a cupboard. I’m loving Hitman 3 in VR.

    And plenty of Hunt: Showdown still. Until it all went wrong today with their servers seemingly struggling, for some reason. Luckily it was only a new level 1 character that was “assumed lost and killed”.

    Gave We Were Here a go too. It’s a neat idea, solving puzzles with someone else when you can’t see what they can see. But it went wrong with a game breaking bug. They say it’s been fixed, so I’ll go back to that at some point.

    And thanks to the sale, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Which is incredibly good. Looks gorgeous, the battle part is quite fun, and the confusing mess of stories soon starts to come together. So many “Oh, that makes sense now” moments when you do some bit of the story from a different point of view. I guess there’s many hours more to come, only having unlocked 10 stories so far. It’s on sale for half price, so if you haven’t played it, go and buy it now.

    • Oh, and I finished off Control and got the platinum. Months after starting it while it was on PS Now. Still doesn’t run very well on the PS4, and the 2 DLCs included with the version on PS+ weren’t really worth the effort. But the main game was quite fun, when things weren’t grinding to a halt and killing me.

  3. Played Miles Morales again on the PS4 version and got the Platinum. That game is still fun that is now 4x I completed xD
    Concrete Genie also bagged a Platinum thanks to the free PS Plus. Was a nice wee game, I like the art style of it.
    Went back on GodFall for the Ascension Tower of Trials and was so close to nabbing the Platinum when I died on the 47th level just 3 levels short. But now with the new patch everything is different it is cool and new but I will no longer be in the Platinum club of reaching 50 as they change the trophy requirements down to 20. Odd as I reached 20 and 21 last night and did not get a trophy for it!
    So plan is control as I have to grind more new better game thanks to the new update on the Tower. Hopefully get it this weekend as I would to start on Control.

  4. Continuing Cyberpunk 2077, i decided to scan all the graffiti which was reasonably easy as the map markers were unique and easier to spot. also with the help of another kind person’s map pic, i was able to locate the marker for the race events. My game had glitched somehow so tracking that mission didn’t provide any route to direct me to the correct yellow exclamation mark which was lost in a sea of yellow exclamation marks on the map. Once i knew exactly where to look, i was able to track it myself and enter the race. Most of the side missions done so i’m getting back on the main campaign.
    Levelling up seems a bit slow too, i’m regularly encountering locked mission doors that are just ONE xp point above my current abilities. There is usually also a ‘walk in the front door’ option but then that dictates violence over stealth. And then a few attempts until you find which combination of your inventory helps you make it through alive :)

  5. Completed the Battlefront 2 campaign and expansion. Enjoyed the story but it really didn’t need the hero missions – I’d much rather have played from the point of view of Iden or Del all the way through.

    Then started Dragon Age Inquisition. Seems ok so far but I really hate games that straight away ask you to make choices without any info on what you’re choosing or the consequences. Had to resort to google for recommendations and wound up going female elf mage; and managed to make a character that didn’t look totally weird.

    And for a change of pace I fired up the Scott Pilgrim vs the world demo on my PS3. Ah demos, those were the days… they really need to make a comeback, esp with the price of next gen titles.

  6. Although I avoided all CoD games over the past years, I got sidetracked this week, as I gave in to a friend who plays on PC and wanted to play some cross-platform Warzone. What can I say? Of course, I’m a terrible noob, not having much practice in CoD games at all, but as stupid and overhyped this whole battle royale thing is, it’s still quite fun, surprisingly.
    I also played some Battlefront I with my son, and then returned to RE2.

  7. I played more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla finishing up the side missions and bagging a few more trophies along the way. I also played Immortals Fenyx Rising which I brought this week, so far really enjoying it. Love the way Prometheus and Zeus have banter with the story telling.

  8. I’ve been enjoying the fighting and platforming in Guacamelee 2 on the PS4 and the story and puzzles of Iconoclasts on the PS Vita. And loving the great comedy both games have as well.

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