Valheim – top 10 tips and tricks beginner’s guide

Valheim Header Art

Valheim, which is currently in early access on Steam, is the latest game to take the internet by storm.

Players are enraptured by its retro graphics, vast open world, and diverse enemy pool. It’s been at the top of the charts since its release a couple of weeks ago, and it’s shattered player-base records, exceeding the likes of Apex Legends and Grand Theft Auto V.

While one half of Odin’s mythical ravens, Hugin, is there to guide players as they traverse the vibrant forests and meadows in Valheim, there’s some things that he won’t tell you about. Fortunately, here’s some tips to guide new players in the fight out of purgatory.

Valheim tips and tricks: a beginner’s guide

1. Run, punch, jump, and crouch early and often. Almost every action in Valheim has an associated skill tree, and doing these things as much as possible will boost those levels, so they’ll be vastly improved for later in the game.

2. In that same vein, weapon skills can be improved by hitting objects other than an enemy. Some tricks to help with this is grinding away at a rock, whacking a friend while Valheim’s PvP is disabled, or even poking at a tree are all sufficient for levelling up.

3. Everything in Valheim uses stamina. If it requires any sort of movement or effort on your part, assume that it will use stamina. With this in mind, it’s important to always keep a full belly, which means eating three different food items.

4. While the decrepit structures dotting the land aren’t aesthetically pleasing, if it has a roof and some walls, it can house a workbench. Finding a sufficient abandoned building is a good starting point for a home base, plus some can contain chests that hold coins and other valuable items.

5. Timing blocks in Valheim when on the defensive is key. If you block right before an enemy’s attack lands, then not only will it prevent more damage, but it will stagger the enemy, making them vulnerable for more powerful attacks.

6. There are several animals that can be tamed, by different means. The general idea is to trap them in some sort of enclosure and feed them until they love you. For example, boars can be domesticated with berries, mushrooms, or carrots.

7. While Valheim’s world is open for exploration, and there aren’t physical constraints on where a player can go, there are certain biomes that are nearly impossible to survive in unless the requisite boss has been slain. Hugin will give you a good indication as to when/if you should enter a specific biome.

8. The cart is a mobile storage unit that you should prioritize crafting, because it makes resource gathering way more efficient. There are a couple of things you should be aware of, though:

  • While the storage capacity is rather massive, the cart gets heavier and harder to pull with more weight added.
  • The cart will take damage if it’s banged around too much.

9. Listen closely. Don’t play music or any other sound in the background when playing. It’s all too easy to get distracted while mining or chopping wood, and there are hostile foes aplenty. It is possible to hear them sneaking up, though, giving an indication that immediate action is needed. Plus, Valheim’s soundtrack is excellent.

10. Don’t throw any material away. Horde everything you collect in Valheim like a pack rat. If you think it may not be useful later because it’s something you got early in the game, then you’re probably wrong. This tip is especially relevant if you want to build an impressive settlement.

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