Xenoblade 2 star Pyra joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

It’s that time once again when we get a new character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and this time it’s Pyra, star of Xenoblade 2. It looks as though she’s able to transform into alter-ego Mythra as well, giving you a dual bevy of sword-wielding superstars to take into battle. There’s a host of other Xenoblade 2 characters who look to be hanging around too, including Rex and Nia, who are presumably going to appear as Assist Trophies as well, meaning that Xenoblade fans are in for a treat.


Pyra brings living-house-dragon Gramps with her as her stage, with the flying elderly dragon travelling through the clouds of Alrest, the perfect place to send all of those unwanted foes to the bottom of the sea. Kirby can get right in there for a start. Xenoblade fans are hugely served now by Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with Shulk one of the core characters from when the game launched.

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I loved Xenoblade 2 when it launched in 2017, where it earned a coveted 9/10 rating – “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a phenomenal RPG. It’s a truly incredible piece of work that builds and expands on the series’ staples, while turning into a unique and heartfelt adventure all of its own.”

Chronicles 2, a pseudo-sequel to the beloved original, is set in the world of Alrest, a place populated by huge creatures known as Titans who serve as floating islands upon and within which the citizens of Alrest live. It’s a wonderfully imaginative setting, and the symbiotic nature of the relationship between the living Titans, humanoids and other creatures is at times surprisingly thoughtful. You join main protagonist Rex – a salvager clad throughout in Steampunk diving chaps – as he seeks to return Pyra – a living weapon – to Elysium, while nefarious forces are set against you.

Pyra joins the battle this March, so Smash Bros fans don’t have too much longer to wait.

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