Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 teased with Operation: Crimson Heist

With Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 rapidly approaching, Ubisoft have teased fans of the tactical Tom Clancy shooter with a glimpse of the game’s next season.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 (Y6S1) is officially titled Crimson Heist and we’re due to learn more as we head into the Six Invitational play-offs this weekend which are being hosted in Paris.


Admittedly, the teaser doesn’t give away much about the new Rainbow Six Siege Operator, nor which map Ubisoft plan on reworking for Crimson Heist. The name of the operation itself has led to speculation that the developers will be giving Bank a full refurb.

However, according to one dataminer, the next upcoming map rework will be Border and not Bank. The source of the reported leak, benjaminstrike, accurately revealed the operation name of Y6S1 as Crimson Heist back in December 2020 which adds some veracity to this claim.

In addition, they’ve shared some details on the next Rainbow Six Siege Operator. According to benjaminstrike, this newcomer is an Argentinian agent named Flores who doesn’t belong to an CTU. Although we don’t know his weapon loadout, the leak suggests that Flores is an attacker who wields a gadget known as the RCE-Ratero, “ratero” being Spanish for pickpocket. This drone can be deployed and then subsequently detonated with an additional press of the gadget button. This explosion is said to mimic the damage radius of a C4 charge but isn’t instant, requiring a 5-second timer.

Although these leaks certainly sound plausible, we won’t know for sure until the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 panel being hosted during the Six Invitational. It is due to take place before the final match on Sunday evening, February 21st 2021.

In other Rainbow Six news, images of key artwork for Rainbow Six Parasite (formerly Rainbow Six Quarantine) have been discovered online.

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