Marvel’s Avengers PS5 free upgrade improvements detailed

Marvel’s Avengers, the comic-inspired multiplayer action RPG, will finally be making its way to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in March after originally launching in September 2020.

Ahead of its next-gen release date on March 18th, developer Crystal Dynamics have outlined exactly what players can expect in terms of performance enhancements and other improvements when the free Avengers update is made available.


On PS5 Avengers will offer two settings, allowing players to choose between a high performance 60FPS checkerboard 4K mode or native 4K mode.

This beefed up version of Marvel’s Avengers will support cross-generation online matchmaking allowing PS4 and PS5 heroes to team up. A cross-generation save file import has also been confirmed, so you won’t have to start the game from scratch. Sadly, Square have still yet to announce cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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Other key features included in the PS5 update include “significantly” faster loading times, spatial audio, haptic feedback (via the DualSense controller) and improved textures.

The studio have put together a handy infographic listing all of these details, comparing the native PS5 version of Marvel’s Avengers to the PS4 version running on PS5 hardware. It’s likely the jump from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S will yield similar improvements though this information hasn’t been made available.

Kate Bishop was recently added to the game’s roster of playable heroes which also includes Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow. Her mentor, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) will soon join the team in a future update.

Twitter user Miller, who has previously leaked information about addition playable Avengers characters, is reporting that Spider-Man will be the next Marvel hero coming to Avengers. The data miner says that Black Panther will then follow, then She-Hulk, Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, and finally War Machine. We already knew that Spider-Man was on the way – and Black Panther seems like an obvious addition – but there’s been no news on other heroes coming to the game.

In our review of Marvel’s Avengers, we praised the game’s ability to bring diverse character playstyles together in a multiplayer setting though interest gradually fizzled out. Uninteresting loot, forced grinding, and a lack of iconic Marvel characters has held the game back though Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will continue to roll out patches and content updates.

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