Two Point Hospital time-travelling A Stitch in Time DLC is out today

Strap on your time-travelling boots, because the A Stitch in Time DLC is out today for Two Point Hospital. Whisking you off to three different time periods, the expansion bring with it a bunch of new and anachronistic diseases, asking you to deal with time portals and more as you cure your patients.


Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time features three new locations to set up your hospital in. The medieval town of Clockwise is plagued by ruptures in space and time, with patients appearing and disappearing out of mysterious holes in the ground. Meanwhile, the second level takes you all the back to the dawn of civilization and a pre-historic era. The final level then slingshots you to a future that is overflowing with patients from all time periods. Captain Yesterday will hopefully be able to set them home for you.

A Stitch in Time will take you back to prehistoric medicare.

While you’re in these time periods, you’ll be dealing with 34 new ailments, such as Jester Infection, Bone Head and the thoroughly immature Reptile Dysfunction. You’ll also want to decorate your workspace to suit, with items from across the time periods like the Wormhole Bin and Map of Time adding a little prestige to an office. As if Two Point Hospital wasn’t quirky enough…

Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time is out now on Steam right now for £6.99, and with a 10% discount lasting until 2nd March. There’s no word on when this content might make its way to Two Point Hospital on console, but we hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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