Deathloop gets a stylish Bond theme trailer for its time loop shenanigans

There’s still a few months to go in May, but Deathloop has made a fresh appearance at Sony’s first State of Play of 2021 with a trailer that sounds like they’ve lifted a Bond theme. Arkane Studios’ innvoative time loop action shooter will be releasing as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, and coming to PC on 20th May 2021.


The trailer features an original song, Déjà Vu, which intentionally riffs on classic 60’s spy film themes in an effort to create something that will loop in your head. The track was created by Sencit Music and features musical artist FJØRA.

Deathloop is set on the island of Blackreef, with protagonist Colt trapped here in a mysterious Groundhog Day-style timeloop. Instead of trying to find love, he’s trying to take out eight targets across Blackreef before midnight. It seems simple enough except Blackreef has its own guard, Julianna and she enjoys killing Colt over and over again.

Colt appears to have various abilities including the Blink ability from the Dishonored games allowing him to teleport around Blackreef. Another ability allows him to flick enemies away, including out of windows. Players will have to learn the patterns of Blackreef and discover different paths to work out how to best move forward. There will be a lot of dying but each death will bring knowledge.

Deathloop mixes single player and multiplayer. While players experience the story of Colt others can take control of Julianna to hunt Colt through Blackreef and stop his progress. It is an optional choice as players can keep it so Julianna remains AI controlled instead of player controlled.

Originally planned for a late 2020 release (before the usual complications of 2020 saw it being pushed back to 2021), Deathloop is a timed exclusive to PlayStation, with publisher Bethesda having signed the exclusivity deal well before the Microsoft announced their deal to acquire Bethesda this summer. Of course, that won’t affect the timed exclusivity (unless Microsoft wanted to play way, way over the odds to get out of the contract), and Microsoft have been happy to buy game companies and let them complete their cross-platform projects with other developers.

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