Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade announced for PlayStation 5

Sony have just ended the State of Play with the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PlayStation 5 which brings a multitude of lighting and texture enhancements, as well as new lighting, 4K output, a new difficulty level, a photo mode, and a brand new episode featuring Yuffie! The upgrade will be free if your own the PS4 version of the game, but you will have to pay for the Yuffie episode.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be available on June 10th.

Alongside the reveal of the new episode featuring Yuffie as the main character, infiltrating Shinra Corporation to steal materia that can restore her homeland, Integrade on PS5 will also enhance the game experience, as detailed in the features trailer:

Square Enix recently announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake has reached five million units shipped and sold when combining physical and digital sales. This has led to Final Fantasy VII Remake being the best selling Square Enix title on the PlayStation Store in Square Enix’s history. Currently, Final Fantasy VII Remake is on sale so that number will keep climbing, with record breaking number increasing for the foreseeable future.

A couple of months ago, Square Enix released the Tifa PS4 theme for free on the PS Store and that is still available. Download links are below.

Previous themes that have been given away include the group Final Fantasy VII Remake theme which was given to anyone who played the game’s demo. PlayStation Plus subscribers also have the opportunity to download the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud theme as part of the subscription.These added bonuses will probably not tide you over until the next part of the game is released, and even then it is not yet clear how many parts Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split into.

In our review for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tuffcub wrote:

How do you remake one of the most beloved video games ever made? Why would you even risk it? It would be like remaking Jaws, Casablanca, or the original Star Wars film. Final Fantasy VII was a sprawling saga spanning eighty hours of memorable characters, lengthy battles, and tearful heartbreak. There is no way Square Enix could do it justice… and yet they have.

An utter joy to play from start to finish, packed with memorable scenes, moustache-twirling baddies, and epic battles. The first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t just polished, it’s opulent.

You can read the full Final Fantasy VII Remake review here. If you have the game and fancy tackling it on hard difficulty then help is at hand. Go and check out our guide on how to beat Final Fantasy VII Remake on hard mode.

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  1. “you will have to pay for the Yuffie episode”

    Seriously? First they charge full price for the first half a dozen hours of the game and a whole lot of filler, then somehow find a missing chunk of game to sell afterwards?

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