New Returnal trailer shows more PS5 gameplay and hints at the story

As expected, Sony’s State of Play gave us a deep dive into the gameplay of Returnal, the next Sony-published PlayStation 5 exclusive, and the next game from Resogun and Super Stardust HD developer Housemarque. Returnal is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 on 30th April.


The game follows Selene who crash lands on a mysterious alien planet after following a signal for ‘White Shadow’, only to find herself trapped in a time loop as she tries to unravel what on earth is going on.

The trailer showed off the game’s tight third person shooter bullet hell gameplay, as Selene battles neon glowing aliens. Each time she dies, however, the world remixes itself, because this is actually a roguelike. It’s also infused with elements of psychological horror.

Parts of Selene’s backstory will become clear by discovering a completely out of place house from Selene’s past. Venturing inside switches to a first person view, and immediately gave me some astronaut P.T. vibes!

All of this is a major change of gears from Housemarque, who were best known over the last decade for their top-down arcade bullet hell action games. While there’s still plenty of bullet hell in Returnal’s combat, a roguelike infused with elements of psychological horror and an ambitious story that will play out over multiple runs is quite the undertaking. It will be fascinating to

Announced as part of the June 2020 PlayStation 5 showcase, the game was previously expected to launch on 19th March, but Sony and Housemarque decided that they needed a little more time in order to polish and refine the experience at the end of its years-long development. The game is instead coming a month and a half later on 30th April 2021.

Stay tuned to TSA for more on Returnal, as well as all the other announcements of note from the State of Play stream.

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  1. This game looks dope as hell. It reminds me of an episode of Love, Death and Robots where the dude thinks he’s experiencing one thing and it turns out the alien creature has him simulated out of his swede. Dope!

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