Dinos Reborn is a survival game set on a dinosaur planet, coming 2022

Crashing onto an alien planet is par for the course in a lot of sci-fi, and that is how HardCodeWay’s latest project starts. However, instead of alien civilisations and enemy armies this planet crash puts players in a time long since past on Earth. In Dinos Reborn players are on a planet where dinosaurs roam and survival is necessary. Dinos Reborn has been confirmed for PC, PlayStaion consoles, and Xbox consoles. The reveal trailer shows what you should expect.


In Dinos Reborn players will be both the hunter and hunted, carving out a life on the dinosaur planet. Hunger, fatigue, thirst, and infection can be just as deadly as a dinosaur attack. Crafting will be a crucial part of Dinos Reborn. Players will begin by crafting rudimentary tools and from here will need to gather food, build shelter, create better weapons, and get better food. The better the food the more strength the player’s character will have. Eventually, players will be able to craft traps and snares to catch creatures, and build their way up to a base.

Not every animal on the planet will be out to eat or kill you. Some will leave the player alone and tolerate their presence, while others may taking a liking to the player becoming like an ally. In the world, players will need to read the environment observing things like tracks, and finding weak points. All dinosaurs will have different sight ranges, hearing abilities, and smell sense so the same approach won’t work on everything. There are no skill tress in Dinos Reborn. Instead, players will need to read notes and tutorials, and repeating actions until they become second nature. The weather will also be constantly changing and that can either be helpful or create additional dangers.

Dinos Reborn is expected to release in 2022.

Source: Press Release

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