Hitman 3 Elusive Targets – where to find The Deceivers

How to kill Sapienza's pair of political puppeteers.

As promised, Hitman 3 has brought back Elusive Targets – one of the Hitman series’ best, most challenging game features. Don’t worry if you’re completely new to this mode, it’s relatively easy to wrap your head around.

Developer IO Interactive will be adding Elusive Targets to Hitman 3 in the weeks and months after the game’s January release, each target being available for a limited amount of time. Here’s the twist: you only have one chance to eliminate them. Fail in your mission and they’re gone for good! There are no retakes here, so you’ll need to plan accordingly and keep your cool.


To kick things off, we’re going back to Sapienza where Agent 47 has been tasked with killing The Deceivers, a shady pair who have been marked for death by the ICA.


In this guide we’ll share some useful advice and tips on how to pull off this first Hitman 3 Elusive Target mission. We’ll cover:

What are Elusive Targets?

If you’re a seasoned assassin then you can move onto the next section but for newer players, let’s quickly go over some ground rules for Elusive Targets:

  • You will need an online connection to access Elusive Targets.
  • Each Elusive Target mission is time limited and had a countdown before vanishing.
  • You will need to identify Elusive Targets yourself – they won’t automatically appear with a red highlight.
  • If you die or fail an Elusive Target mission, you cannot retry the contract. Even if you successfully complete the contract, there is no way of replaying.
  • Once started, you cannot re-plan or restart the Elusive Target contract.
  • You cannot save during an Elusive Target or reload a checkpoint.

Elusive Targets – what’s the best loadout?

Thankfully, you can rely on any of your Mastery unlocks awarded while playing Hitman 3 (as well as Hitman and Hitman 2). Most players will have their own preferred equipment loadout for Agent 47 – we’ve put together a comprehensive guide listing the best weapons, gear, and items, and where to find them.

For The Deceivers we’d recommend taking the lockpick, the Sieker 1 pistol, remote emetic gas device, and one or more lethal poison vials. As with any Hitman 3 mission, there’s plenty of room to experiment – equipping a remote explosive or having a silenced sniper stashed away are just as good though, remember, you only have one shot at this.

The logic behind our loadout is that poisons can be incredibly discreet while allowing you to anticipate/control the behaviours of targets as well as other NPCs.

The Deceivers – where to find Anthony Troutt?

This Elusive Target can be found roaming the Caruso Mansion complex with two bodyguards at his side. He’ll rotate between ground floor roos and their adjacent corridors and exterior areas while also travelling below into the wine cellar. Isolating Troutt can be a real pain as the mansion is swarming with guards, staff, and enforcers who rarely let him out of their sights. One quick way of killing this target is to poison the wine glass in the cellar, making sure you distract the staff member stood next to it first. You can try and dispose of Troutt’s bodyguards though this require more patience than perhaps lining up a direct shot on him from the mansion’s upper floors or rooftops.

The Deceivers – where to find Richard McGee?

In a map as big as Sapienza, it’s easy to get lost as you scour its many buildings (and lab complex) for these two Elusive Targets. Thankfully, Richard McGee doesn’t travel too far – his starting location is just outside the town’s ice cream shop where he’ll sit down for a coffee. Grabbing a kitchen/staff disguise, you can poison his drink if you’re quick enough though there are plenty of other opportunities to eliminate him. After a while, he will enter the shop before making his way to the Town Hall offices above with his guards in tow. By stealthily using your lockpick or climbing the building’s exterior pipe and ledges, you can get close to McGee for a kill. We were able to land a shot with the Sieker pistol, unseen, forcing him to enter a nearby bathroom where we delivered the killing blow.

Elusive Targets tips and tricks

To finish up, we have a few handy tips and tricks to help with taking down Hitman 3’s Elusive Targets. Firstly, read through the contract briefing, making sure you visit the same location to get as many Mastery unlocks there as possible. This will give you access to a number of starting locations, disguises, and hidden stashes which could help save loads of time.

It’s not recommended, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing a dry run of The Deceivers contract. If you have multiple accounts on your PC or console then you can theoretically play the Elusive Target mission more than once. This will give you a more practical idea of where The Deceivers roam around the map and potential spots where you can isolate them.

It’s a method we’re going to avoid, though a number of Hitman 3 players have reported that you can close the game application or disconnect from the internet to avoid a fail state before booting it up again. It’s not only risky but isn’t the way Elusive Targets were meant to be played.

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