Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is now part of Epic Games – what does this mean for Fall Guys?

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic and its parent company Tonic Games Group is now a part of Epic Games, the company has announced on Twitter, joining a growing empire of popular multiplayer sensations from the last half decade.


What does this mean for Fall Guys? Well, not a lot right now. The game will carry on as it is on PC and PlayStation, with the futuristic Season 4 launching sometime soon, and the team are working on bringing the multiplayer hit to Nintendo Switch and Xbox in the relatively near future as well.

Mediatonic is not just a one trick pony, having created a string of weird and wonderful games over the last few years, including Murder by Numbers, Hatoful Boyfriend, Gears Pop and Yahtzee with Buddies! The success of Fall Guys helped them to expand rapidly at the end of 2020, creating Tonic Games Group to encapsulate Mediatonic, The Irregular Corporation and Fortitude Games. This could have a pretty big impact through the UK indie games scene.

Yet Fall Guys is their prime property right now and Mediatonic has posted a blog post explaining what will happen with the game.

They note that Fortnite and Rocket League both have account systems, cross-play, squad vs squad modes and more, all of which they will look to bring into Fall Guys going forward. Mediatonic already leant on Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat frameworks in order to help them combat the rash of cheaters that plagued the game’s first month and a half, back in August 2020. Building on Epic’s frameworks will ease some of the growing pains of cross-play functionality as Mediatonic bring Fall Guys to Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer.

There’s “nothing to announce right now” with regard to free-to-play, but you have to expect that this is a possibility for the game. When Epic bought up Rocket League developer Psyonix back in 2019, the game’s business model rapidly shifted to fall in line with the one Epic had set up for Fortnite. Rocket League went free-to-play, ditched loot boxes and now has a ‘Rocket Pass’ similar to the battle pass for Fortnite. Fall Guys already has a seasonal progression and the option to buy skins, but there’s paid battle pass at this time.

There’s also no change to the current position the game has on Steam and PlayStation, where it will remain on sale. It does feel likely that, in the fullness of time, Fall Guys and Mediatonic’s other games might follow the lead of Rocket League in going exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Existing purchases on Steam should continue to work, but that’s something that sticks in the craw of many a Steam acolyte.

Either way, for Mediatonic this is a huge step and could lead to some really exciting things for the company as a whole. They’ll be able to bulk up more rapidly to build and create more content for Fall Guys and reach more platforms without breaking a sweat, and they’ll potentially be able to make more bets of quirkier games like Murder by Numbers as well.

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  1. So like Rocket League, they’ll manage to make having an Epic account and enabling cross-play completely optional unless you want the trophies?

    Finally worked out why the last Rocket League trophy never happened for me – apparently “play an online game with someone in your party” means they have to be a friend, and not just a PSN friend, but on your Epic friends list as well. And that needs cross-play enabled to work.

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