The PlayStation Plus March 2021 downloads are now live – Get Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Maquette & more

Update 02/03: The PlayStation Plus games for March are now live and can be added to your account and downloaded. With Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Remnant From the Ashes for PS4, Farpoint for PSVR and Maquette for PS5, it’s a huge month for PS Plus members.

Download the PlayStation Plus March 2021 games from the PlayStation Store:


Added in February, Destruction AllStars is also still available for download until 6th April.

Update: The Japanese PlayStation store has leaked the March PS+ game and they are Farpoint, Maquette, Remnant from the Ashes, and Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, and this is very odd, this version of Final Fantasy VII Remake cannot be upgraded to the PS5 version.

Update 2: PlayStation UK has confirmed the leak, and also confirmed “the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake available to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital version upgrade.”

Original story below…

The last Wednesday of month usually finds Sony dropping an announcement of the following month’s PlayStation Plus games, and although there was no announcement in the usual 4.30pm slot Sony did hold a State of Play event in the evening so it was assumed they would be announced then. Nope, didn’t happen, so we’re expecting them to be revealed any second now.

But what will the games be? Well, multiple tipsters have said that a certain remake of a very popular game will be one of the titles on offer. @Shpeshal_Ed, co-host of the XboxEra Podcast, has tweeted “If you haven’t bought Final Fantasy VII Remake yet. Make sure you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus for March”. This was backed up a leaker from ResetEra, KatharsisT, who posted “It’s right” and various others on the same forum have posted similar messages, “He’s right about FF7R. It’s March PS+,” says Ghostcrew.

Another leak, an image posted imgur, shows Godfall, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Overpass. Ember Lab, the developers of Kena: Bridge of Spirits have tweeted “A rumour is just a rumour until announced by our official site and social channels!”

Hmmmmm Fake McFakeFace?

Hmmmmm Fake McFakeFace?

Whatever the games are they should be available to download next Wednesday, 3rd March. We already know what one of the April games will be as Lorne Lanning stopped by at the PlayStation State of Play stream to give us another look at the long awaited Oddworld: Soulstorm and reveal that the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 6th April, and it will be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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  1. Sure, technically you can download them (whatever they are) next Wednesday, but surely people will be downloading them on Tuesday? As that’s traditionally when they change the PS+ games. You could even wait until sometime on the 6th of April if you wanted, if you grab them early that day before they change to the April games.

    That leak is clearly faked though. Well, about 90% probably faked. And I doubt FF7R will be it either. As you said, it would have been announced last night if it was. And giving away the PS4 version straight after announcing the free (if you don’t want the whole thing) upgrade would be weird. Even if it’s 8 months away.

    • Its out June, so 3 months :)

      • It says at the end of that trailer you helpfully included. October 6th. So just over 7 months.

      • You’ve been bamboozled by America. It’s 10th June.

      • *blows raspberry at Nick*

  2. Well, FF7R is surprising. And also weird with the not being able to upgrade it thing. I wonder if you can upgrade a disc version and apply that upgrade to the PS+ digital version?

    Maquette looks like the sort of thing PS+ should be giving away, especially on PS5. Not some AAA game everyone who’s interested in has already got. Smaller things with a 50% chance of being shit.

    Anyone want a physical copy of Farpoint? I’ve got 2, and now won’t need either of them.

  3. Even though I can’t say I’ve taken much interest in the PS Plus games for a year or two now, Sony really are stepping up their game again and I’m starting to build quite a nice PS5 backlog for when I finally get the console. How long they keep this up for is another question, but I’d hope at least until the end of the year.

  4. Damn. If I gad bought Final Fantasy REmake a tear ago or less, I would feel cheated. The reason for preordering or buying early have become obsolete.

    • Christ, my phone is shite at spelling.

  5. Doesn’t look too bad, but nothing really stands out and seems overly interesting to me. So I doubt I’ll ever find time to play any of these.

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