The world is Fracked in this PSVR exclusive action-adventure shooter

The end of the world is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR this summer in Fracked, but this isn’t a game about the effects of fracking. No, this a game in which you’re fighting off gun-wielding, interdimentional maniacs known as the Fracked.


Fracked is all about “run and cover” gunfights, with an emphasis on free moment through the environment as you fight. There’s fluid skiing, running and climbing through the environment, and the game will make full use of the PlayStation Move controllers.

Every action in the game is tied to motion controls and done 1:1. Free movement depends on having grabbable cover, the skiing will have you leaning to steer, and so on.

The game has also been fully enhanced for PlayStation 5, with improved frame rates, loading times and resolution on this platform, though PS4 and PS4 Pro will still play the game nicely.

Here’s the bullet point breakdown from nDreams:

  • This is unashamedly a true VR game only possible with PS Move controllers! Climbing, ziplining, reloading and in-world interactions are all driven 1:1 by the player’s hands. We couldn’t do this using a traditional gamepad.
  • Skiing requires you to physically lean to steer and control. As with the rest of the game it is integrated with the combat – we’ll be showing this in the weeks ahead.
  • We have nicknamed the combat “run and cover” gunplay because it mashes run and gun action with an innovative 1:1 grabbable cover system to create an all-new VR-only combat style. Not only does it play differently to what you’ve experienced before, it feels different too.
  • To maximise VR’s 360˚ potential and our free movement vision we have designed arena style combat encounters that double down on verticality.
  • Whilst we have aimed for a new, stylish take on classic action cinema – think a 2021 version of Die Hard or Cliffhanger – below the surface there is a Robocop-style cutting-edge satire about corporate greed and the climate change emergency. If Paul Verhoeven made a VR game (which would be AMAZING), we don’t think it would be a million miles away from Fracked!
  • The game is getting PS5 enhancements! Those playing on PS5 can expect improved framerates, loading times and resolution. For those playing on PS4 and PS4 Pro, never fear, it looks incredible and plays the same.
  • We can assure you that it is a complete coincidence that the name sounds a lot like a popular/unpopular profanity.

Source: PS Blog

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