THQ Nordic tease a Destroy All Humans 2 remake via free skin DLC

If you have the remake of Destroy All Humans then you may be interested to know that THQ Nordic have released three free skins for the game. The are Midas Touch skin, Ain’t No Man, and Worst Nightmare, they do not grant Crypto any new powers but looks rather nice. Check them out.


If you watch to the end of the video you will see Cryptosporidium 137 is interrupted by another clone of himself, this seems to be Cryptosporidium 138 who starred in Destroy All Humans 2. A further clue comes from a tweet form THQ Nordic promoting the skins. In it they suggest that “Join the invasion and you might get to Destroy All Humans too!” – Get it? ‘You might get to Destroy All Humans 2.’

Destroy All Humans 2, also known as Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War Not Love, was the created Pandemic Studios who also made the first game. Following sequels, Big Willy Unleashed and Path of the Furon, were developed by other teams. The story is set ten years after the first title with Crypto 137 dead, probably from old age as the clones have a short life expectancy. Our new hero, Crypto 138 is almost identical to his predecessor apart from one small detail. Actually, he would probably say a it’s a very big detail as he the first Furon to have genitalia.

The plot takes him to San Francisco, London, Tokyo , and finally to the Moon, and includes characters such as Arkvoodle, Lord of the Sacred Crotch. As you can probably tell the story includes a lot of mentions of genitalia, I am quite surprised THQ missed a trick by not releasing four skins for Crypto 137 to promote the second game. Hur hur.

Unfortunately the first remake had a few issues and scored 6/10 in our review. “Destroy All Humans is a faithful remake that retains the charm of the 2005 original, while dramatically overhauling the visuals and making some improvements to the gameplay,” said Aran back in July 2020, “Perhaps a bit too faithful, with missions that now feel too simple and limited to the point of just being a bit boring.”

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