Disintegration developer V1 Interactive is officially closing

The independent developer of Disintegration, V1 Interactive is shutting down, the company has announced. It follows the disappointing sales of their first game, an innovative hybrid of first person shooter and real time strategy that launched in June 2020.


V1 Interactive was founded five years ago by Marcus Lehto, a co-creator of the Halo series, and was partially inspired by the first Bungie game that he worked on, Myth: The Fallen Lords. The game blended together various genres and gameplay ideas, with the player on hoverbikes as they command a small group of ground troops and give covering fire from above.

However, despite a healthy build up and marketing campaign, the game clearly did not gain a large enough audience upon its June 2020 release. The Disintegration multiplayer servers were shut down just five months after the game’s release, leaving the game’s single player to stand on its own.

The game was published by Private Division, a subsidiary to Take-Two Interactive that was created to foster third party independent studios and help bring their games to market. Private Division published and took over the Kerbal Space Program IP, as well as publishing Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and the acclaimed The Outer Worlds.

Disintegration was a part of that mix, bringing some great new ideas and combinations to games. In our review for Disintegration, Dom wrote:

Disintegration is a game of, and about, duality. It manages to feel like a throwback while it’s fresh genre melding brings it straight into the present. It’s an occasionally lifeless, mechanically sound construct, but everything about it has heart. It’s a double A game, the likes of which we don’t often see anymore, and it’s one of the most unique and consistently enjoyable sci-fi shooters of recent years.

You can read the full review here.

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