What We Played #489 – Pokémon Go, Loop Hero & Apex Legends

I have had a great time playing a game this week, but I’m not allowed to tell you which game or why I’ve enjoyed it for a little while. So, there’s that. When I’ve not been playing something I can’t talk about, I’ve been squeezing in some RPG time and returned to Final Fantasy XII on the Switch because it’s amazing, and a spot of Overwatch because it is also amazing.

It will come as little surprise to those in the know that Nic B has been playing a tonne of Pokémon Go. He tells us, “Niantic have stepped up the number of legendary Pokémon and mega evolutions they’re chucking out, and I’m happily filling my Dex with each one. Coupled with the special events giving double and triple XP for certain in-game actions, I’ve been power-levelling my two accounts. When I’m not doing that though, I’m playing MHW with my little brother — next stop Shara Ishvalda!”

Gareth has had a quiet one, playing Cold War, Planet Coaster and Days Gone, as well as harddrive Tetris, which is a free game that comes with all PS5s and Xbox Series X. Aran meanwhile has been hopping between Black Legend for review and a bit of Sunset Overdrive as he finally has a chance to play it, saying “I am enjoying the mindless violence of it all”. He’s also become a bit hooked on Stellaris; “My first empire was basically crushed but my current empire is expanding nicely and I may decide to declare war on my neighbour. They’re already a rival with someone else so that could work in my favour.”

Smashing through his backlog, Jim finally fired up Mortal Kombat 11. He tells us, “Despite loving the series, I had no appetite for fighting games at the time of its initial release. It’s fair to say that I was missing out big time – MK11 is easily my favourite game of the genre, with an over-the-top story and fluid fighting mechanics. On the other hand, I’m glad I held out as I’ve been able to experience the game on PS5 with enhanced visuals and all the bonus DLC, including Terminator, Rambo, and RoboCop. I’m giving myself a short break before diving into the Aftermath story expansion.”

Steve has played a ton of Loop Hero, saying, “Seriously. that game is like a Class A drug in digital disguise. Reaching the endgame and I ‘think’ the grind may be enough to put me off for a while but I have zero willpower so who knows?” He also played through the “nice magical escape room” Flow Weaver on Oculus, revisited Stubbs the Zombie for review next week and installed Star Wars Fallen Order which he is hoping to start this weekend. He continues, “My looping heroics have been supported by finally catching up on Ash vs Evil Dead which has got me anxiously excited for the upcoming game (please don’t be shit, please don’t be shit).”

Ade tells us that after a little break he’s back to roaming England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, “just completed a hilarious side-quest that seemed to exist purely as an excuse to include several ‘The Prodigy’ puns! Also, I’m going to be playing Blind Drive in a bit – can’t wait!”

Nick P has been hammering 13 Sentinels to the point where he’s pretty much at the plat, saying “I wish I’d played it sooner as it’s definitely becoming my GOTY for last year. Aside from that, not been playing much else apart from the usual suspects of Warzone and SFV.”

With his new DualSense controller in hand, Miguel slammed through and finished Spider-man Miles Morales on PS5, telling us, “So, so, so damn good. I also played plenty of Apex Legends and a touch of COD Cold War and Zombies. I randomly dived into Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, too. Cute game!”

Last but not least, Tef dove into Apex Legends for its Nintendo Switch release finding a game that certainly suffers for the platform’s lower power, but remains a remarkable port of the popular battle royale. Aside from that, he reviewed Stronghold: Warlords, which puts a fresh spin on the series thematically but needs to improve the basics, and he’s been battling away with Supercross 4, a game which constantly kicks his butt even on the easiest difficulty…

Now that we’re all done, what about you? What have you played?

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  1. Haven’t posted this in a while and I blame Call of Duty Warzone lol
    I got my 550th Platinum from Maquette from PS Plus and currently on Remnant today and plan to plat this game this weekend ^^
    Remnant took me a while to understand the game as at first the controls was terrible and the movement was so slow so change the sensitivity and was slightly better. But man those boss fights were brutal so had to farm stuff for upgrades. I am now enjoying it more on my 2nd playthrough to get the other bosses now :)

  2. I spotted fury Unleashed was discounted so i grabbed that as i really enjoyed the demo. The demo was very replayable and you could upgrade your character between deaths – i didn’t realise those upgrades would carry over to the full game so that was a nice bonus. Definitely recommend checking out the demo. It’s a very “one more go” type of rogue-lite, platforming through single-screen areas connected together like a Smash TV map, each death giving you the opportunity to spend points on upgrades for the next run. The procedural/random generation of the map means a different route and enemy placement each time – the only time this is an issue is for the boss fights, it’s far easier to tackle a boss when you have free space to run about at the ground level rather than hopping about between smaller platforms.

    Also i picked up Shadow of the Tomb Raider discounted, i had played it before but at the time i wanted it to play more like an Uncharted game and wasn’t interested in all the side-mission “filler”. Now though, i have more time to appreciate the game for what it is and i’m combing through each area to complete as much as i can before moving to the next one.

    • I spelled Rise of the Tomb Raider wrong ;)

  3. Had some time off work this week so been happy to stay up later playing DA:I and finally given up on it! It just seems so slow to progress and level up so after 12+ hours I’ve decided not to invest any more time. Seems from a search of various forums that I’m not alone in doing that either. I just hope Mass Effect Andromeda doesn’t suffer from the same issues…

    Otherwise I picked up Hollow Knight in the last sale so made a start on that.

    • Mass Effect Andromeda has different issues. The main one being “it’s shit”.

  4. So, the week started off badly when my aging TV passed away peacefully in it’s sleep. So now I’ve got to play everything on a new TV with all that 4K HDR shenanigans. I’ll get the picture adjusted to my personal preference sometime around August, I think.

    As for what I played on it… More AC Valhalla (huge improvement over Origins/Odyssey). And some Dirt 5, which is at least a bit more stable now, but is still fairly broken. I guess “we fixed it so we don’t get error reports because it just hangs instead of crashing” is a good tactic if you want an easy life ;)

    That Remnant thing on PS+ is turning out to be quite fun. Not sure if keeping everything when you die repeatedly is a good idea or not. You just gather enough stuff to upgrade and stop dying for a bit.

    And some more 13 Sentinels. How all those stories manage to make sense, I’ll never quite understand. It’s all just a bit mad, somehow not confusing, and completely brilliant.

    Oh, and there may have been a certain amount of time spent playing random PS4 things to see how they’ve improved on a PS5 with a new TV. Generally a huge improvement for things that can take advantage of all that power. I’d give some a go installed on the SSD, but there’s not much room left. WTF is the 45GB of spaced used up by “other” for???

  5. Finally got the 100% on Far Cry 5 with the help of someone kind in Australia.
    Working on Far Cry 3 classic, which is better than I remember and I kind of wish they’d kept the newer games closer to that template – typical Ubisoft, fix it when it isn’t broken, don’t fix it when it is broken!
    Still working on Everybody’s Golf Vita. I’ve got all the balls, clubs and course memberships now. Rising shots are still eluding me though.

    • Oh and I whipped through Telltales Walking Dead Michonne. Great at a sale price for the story but would have been shocking at full price. I do wish they’d make Guardians of the Galaxy available on PSN store again though!

  6. Finished Mario 3D World with Mario and now working my way through with all the other characters. About half way through, but it’s a proper slog, especially the really easy early levels. At least the harder levels towards the end offer a challenge.

  7. I started and finished Concrete Genie this week, lovely little game, really enjoyed it, even unlocked the platinum trophy for it.

  8. I finally finished the storyline in The Division 2 Gangs of New York. It was ok, but not much more than that, Ubisoft just really don’t know how to write a good story, they’re so weak in this respect. The final fight got rather annoying.

    I also checked out Hollow Knight, which we got with Plus some time ago, and it’s surprisingly good.

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