Outriders will launch day one on Xbox Game Pass for console and cloud

Over the weekend, Microsoft posted a teaser for a game that would be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The message contained the words “signal” and “anomaly”, fuelling speculation that Outriders would be released on Microsoft’s service. Well, that speculation was correct as Outriders will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass for console and cloud streaming on phones and tablets via the xCloud beta. The launch date is April 1st.


The Outriders demo has been available for a little while now. In terms of content, the Outriders demo includes the game’s prologue and opening chapter, meaning that it will be limited to the early game variants of enemies. It runs up until the showdown with the first rival Altered character, Gauss, but that’s not the end of the content, as some side missions will unlock after defeating him. All of this can be played in co-op with full cross-platform multiplayer, though for the demo you will need to manually enable it. Players had been farming the demo for legendary gear as progression will carry over to the full game, but People Can Fly released an update that lowered the chance of getting such loot early on.

Jim played the Outriders demo, and this is what he thought:

“Outriders is arriving pretty late into the looter shooter party, but this is a genre that’s sure to stick around for years to come. While there’s nothing particularly unique or ground-breaking, the game’s dungeon-crawling structure, combined with smooth gunplay and devastating Anomaly powers has us wanting more, if only to see how well these elements mature as we reach its endgame climax.”

You can read his full impressions in the article Outriders gameplay impressions – is it better than Destiny and Borderlands? Outriders releases April 1st for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Stadia.

Source: Microsoft

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