House Flipper: Garden launches on consoles tomorrow

If you can imagine it there’s probably a game about it. Dating a cat? Sorted. Power-washing a garage? Yep. Renovating gardens? Sure, and you’ll be able able to perform that particular activity on PlayStation and Xbox from tomorrow when House Flipper: Garden launches for just $19.99.

The game includes over 250 plants and new tools to help you become a virtual Charlie Dimmock including a weed whacker and a lawnmower.

“This is a huge step in the direction of releasing additional content for House Flipper on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Thanks to House Flipper: Garden, console communities will be able to manage the surroundings of their favourite properties. It’s something they’ve been asking for a long time, and we’re incredibly happy to finally deliver what was promised!” said Kris Krej, Frozen District CEO.

We took a look at the parent game, House Flipper, back in 2018 and described it as ‘the strangest sim we’ve played in 2018’. “There’s something weirdly fascinating about how games like Empyrean’s House Flipper attempt to gamify and virtualise real-world professions,” said Jim.

Source: Press release

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