Life Is Strange: True Colors revealed – will not be episodic, coming out in September

Square Enix and developer Deck Nine has revealed the next game in the Life Is Strange series – Life is Strange: True Colors. The game ditched the episodic release format, and the full game is coming out on 10th September 2021.

Life Is Strange: True Colors features a whole new cast of characters and a new super power. Alex Chen (Erica Mori) is the main protagonist, a character who has weathered growing up in the foster system, who is invited by her brother to start over in the idyllic town of Haven Springs.

However, her brother Alex dies in a tragic accident (or is it a conspiracy?) and this helps to reveal her super power: empathy. This allows her to feel other people’s emotions (a bit like Deanna Troy from Star Trek The Next Generation whether that’s just to know what they’re feeling, understanding why they feel that. However, there’s a danger. These emotions can well up and overpower Alex, forcing her to act out of character.

The game is in development at Deck Nine, the studio who created Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel series to the original Life Is Strange by Dontnod. The game is the most advanced in the series so far, with Deck Nine using full performance capture to ensure that the characters’ move and act more realistic that ever before.

Always a big part of the game, Life Is Strange: True Colors will have an exclusive soundtrack. This has been recorded by mxmtoon (who provides the singing voice for Alex) and Novo Amor, and will feature licensed songs including Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, Gabrielle Aplin, and more.

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Oh dear, Game Informer have leaked the next Life Is Strange game ahead of tonight’s official reveal during the 40 minute long Square Enix Presents digital showcase. The game, Life Is Strange: True Colors, appears to be one stand alone game rather than split in to episodes and released over a period of months.

We already know that this will be a wholly separate entry from the previous games, featuring an all-new protagonist with a new supernatural power.

The game will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia and has been developed by Deck Nine rather than series creators Dontnod, but Deck Nine have previously worked on the franchise and created the prequel Before The Storm.

The Square Enix Presents digital showcase will begin at 5PM GMT  today, 18th March, via Square Enix’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

There will be a new look at Outriders, the RPG shooter that is coming from People Can Fly on 1st April – a game which you can check out with the lengthy demo that’s currently available – a quick check in with Balan Wonderworld, which is out on 26th March, and Marvel’s Avengers, which will be receiving a major update on that very day.

There will also be a continuation of the 25th anniversary celebrations of Tomb Raider – this may include the recently leaked Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy – and new mobil games in the form of the Just Cause Mobile spin-off of the popular open world action series, and multiple new game announcements from Square Enix Montreal, best known for Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go.

Finally, “a look at a few of the whimsical games from Square Enix sister company TAITO” is the only thing that will keep this stream from being 100% about Square Enix’s European and North America games and teams. There will be no Final Fantasy news to speak of at this point, it seems, so don’t go in expecting too much.

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