Monster Hunter Rise weapons guide for beginners

Which weapon should you start out with?

What are the best Monster Hunter Rise weapons for beginners? Since the first Monster Hunter game launched almost two decades ago, the number of available weapon classes has doubled.

Monster Hunter Rise weapons guide for beginners


Hunters are now spoilt for choice when it comes to picking their favourite beast-slaying tool; there are so many options. That amount of choice will delight veteran players though it can be intimidating for beginners.


In Monster Hunter Rise there are definitely certain weapons you should gravitate towards or avoid depending on your skill level and experience with the Monster Hunter series.

Monster Hunter Rise – the best weapons for beginners

Each weapon has its own unique sets of moves, some of which are simpler than others. On top of that, there are weapons tagged with gauges, meters, and ammo counts, all of which can add a layer of unwanted complexity when starting out.

In this guide we’ve put together a short list of beginner friendly weapons when starting out in Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter’s original mascot weapon, the Greatsword is a hulking, two-handed blade capable of dishing out massive damage while also allowing its wielder to block incoming attacks. The Greatsword is one of the slowest of Monster Hunter’s fourteen weapon classes yet packs a devastating punch, especially when charging your strikes.

Sword & Shield

Only a handful of weapons in the Monster Hunter series allow you to block, the Sword & Shield being one. Eventually, you’ll want to learn how to perfectly evade monster attacks though blocking is a nice half-step, allowing you to stay relatively safe while learning the move patterns and behaviours of monsters. The Sword & Shield isn’t as powerful as the Greatsword but is much more nimble.


Another original Monster Hunter weapon, the Lance is accompanied by a large shield to soak up damage. Instead of swiping in wide arcs, the Lance is used to poke and prod away at a monster, allowing more precision. What’s particularly beginner friendly about the Lance is how it lets you attack even with your guard up. You shouldn’t always cower behind your shield, and you will want to take advantage of the many opportunities to launch powerful counter offensives when your target is vulnerable.


A personal favourite of mine, the Hammer is all about blunt damage. Although it can’t block, this huge weapon makes up for it by dishing out a ton of stun damage. Consistently knocking a monster on the head will stun them for several seconds whereas hitting their legs can cause them to trip – a perfect opening for you and your teammates. The hammer’s highest damage attacks can be slow and require a little bit of winding up, though it does have a decent amount of mobility.


Let’s spice things up a bit. If you’re familiar with other action-heavy video games then the Longsword learning curve shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. This katana is easily one Monster Hunter’s flashiest weapons and has always been a fan favourite. Using its wide reach your attacks will gradually fill a spirit meter that, once full, will allow you to unleash a deluge of advanced combos. The Longsword also has a parry function, though you’ll need some monster hunting experience under your belt to master this bonus move.


There are three ranged weapons in the Monster Hunter series, the Bow being the simplest of the bunch. You can weaken targets from afar with a steady stream of arrows, but in order to get the most out of the Bow you’ll need to learn a handful of combos and special attacks. Another thing to consider with this weapon is the different types of ammo coating, each one adding damage or a bonus effect. Keeping track of these is way simpler than managing the Bowgun’s ammo variations.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out any of the fourteen weapons Monster Hunter Rise has on offer. That said, the complexity of weapons such as the Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, and Hunting Horn, can give beginners an extra plate to spin while also trying to learn the ropes.

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