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Traps at the ready!

If you are completely new to the Monster Hunter franchise, there’s one key mechanic Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t explain until quite late into the game. By crafting and deploying traps, you can actually capture weakened monsters without killing them to complete quests.

This requires preparation, timing, and coordination, but capturing monsters is a habit you should learn as early as possible thanks to the bonus rewards it offers.


You’ll also find that certain Monster Hunter Rise village and hub quests will require you to capture a monster, failing you if you don’t how to do so.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise:

What monsters can I capture?

Before you go wasting your precious traps, it’s worth noting that only large monsters can be captured in Monster Hunter Rise. The term large here doesn’t necessarily relate to the size of a monster – lumbering beasts such as Slagtoth or Popo won’t set off traps, but physically smaller monsters like the Great Jaggi or Kulu-Ya-Ku will.

What do I need to capture a monster?

You will need two main items in order to successfully capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise. Not only will you need a trap (either a Pitfall Trap or Shock Trap), you’ll also require a powerful tranquiliser to subdue them (using a Tranq Bomb or Tranq Ammo).

These can all be crafted. To make a Pitfall Trap you will need to combine a Trap Tool and a Net, whereas Shock Traps require a Trap Tool and a Thunderbug. Trap Tools must be purchased from a vendor and you’ll only be able to carry two at a time. Nets are easier to source than Thunderbugs, though these need to be crafted too by combining Ivy and Spider Web.

Tranq Bombs and Tranq Ammo can be purchased from certain vendors or crafted. You’ll need to combine Sleep Herbs and Parashrooms to make bombs. These bombs can then be combined with Normal Ammo 1 to make tranquilizer rounds for a Bowgun.

When is a monster ready to capture?

Now here’s the tricky part. In order to successfully capture a monster you need to weaken it first before snaring it in a trap, otherwise it will simply break free. It can be hard to gauge exactly when a monster is ready to be captured, especially if they are enraged.

There are two easy ways of detecting when a monster is weakened, however. When at low health, monsters will usually try to disengage, falling back to a safe area of the map where they can rest and heal up. If they are limping then this is a sign that they’re ready to be captured.

Monsters won’t always disengage, though. If you continue to dish out heavy damage then they might not have the chance to flee. Luckily, if you have a Palico companion they will usually warn you when a monster is “ripe” to be captured, displayed as an on-screen message.

Is it better to capture monsters?

The benefits of capturing monsters far outweighs the prep time and cost of crafting traps and tranquilisers. If you want to know whether it’s better to kill or capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, we answer that question in our next guide.

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