Monster Hunter Rise sells out in Japan as Capcom stock soars

Unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter Rise has been enjoying a rather successful launch weekend. The hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch exclusive released on March 26, 2021, and has already sold out in Japan according to sources.


Retailers had already warned that physical pre-orders for Monster Hunter Rise were selling out so, naturally, when fans turned up to their local game shops in Japan on launch day, copies of the game were hard to come by. Although Monster Hunter is now a worldwide sensation, it’s particularly popular in Japan – to the extent that Japanese VR company, Mark-On Ltd, gave employees the day off on Friday, fearing they would be too distracted to work.

Having only just launched days ago, it’s unclear just how many copies Monster Hunter Rise has sold though Capcom will no doubt share that figure in the very near future. As reported by industry analyst, Daniel Ahmed, Monster Hunter Rise has also been a hit in China.

There’s a good chance it will be number one in the UK charts, too. Following on from this news, Capcom stock has risen in value to a new all-time record (via VGC).

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Monster Hunter Rise is currently sitting on an OpenCritic average of 87, making it one of the best rated games of 2021 so far. In our review, we scored this latest entry in the series a whopping 9/10:

Monster Hunter Rise is an incredible game. While it may not feel quite as ground-breaking for the series as World did, it boasts a stronger and distinctly Japanese identity, and the changes and streamlined gameplay simply focus on the franchise’s true stars – the monsters. Rise is easily one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch, and one of the finest Monster Hunters ever.

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