Monster Hunter Rise has shipped 4 million copies already

Just three days after the game launched worldwide, Monster Hunter Rise has already shipped 4 million copies. This news comes directly from Capcom, the Japanese game publisher having made an official announcement. For those counting, this brings the Monster Hunter series’ total sales to at least 70 million, making it one of Capcom’s second best-selling franchise, wedged between Resident Evil and Street Fighter.


In comparison, Monster Hunter World sold 5 million at launch. However, the evolutionary 2018 action RPG launched on two platforms (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) whereas Monster Hunter Rise is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. It’s another huge milestone for the hybrid handheld console and Capcom have already pledged to support Monster Hunter Rise with a steady stream of post launch content.

The demand for Monster Hunter Rise has led to the game being sold out in some regions while topping sales charts in others. Retailers had already warned that physical pre-orders for Monster Hunter Rise were selling out so, naturally, when fans turned up to their local game shops in Japan on launch day, copies of the game were hard to come by. Although Monster Hunter is now a worldwide sensation, it’s particularly popular in Japan – to the extent that Japanese VR company, Mark-On Ltd, gave employees the day off on Friday, fearing they would be too distracted to work.

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Monster Hunter Rise is currently sitting on an OpenCritic average of 87, making it one of the best rated games of 2021 so far. In our review, we scored this latest entry in the series a whopping 9/10:

Monster Hunter Rise is an incredible game. While it may not feel quite as ground-breaking for the series as World did, it boasts a stronger and distinctly Japanese identity, and the changes and streamlined gameplay simply focus on the franchise’s true stars – the monsters. Rise is easily one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch, and one of the finest Monster Hunters ever.

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