You can watch 80 minutes of the Monster Hunter World board game

Amidst a flurry of Monster Hunter Rise updates and news stories, Steamforged Games have uploaded a playthrough of their upcoming table-top adaptation for Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game was officially unveiled last year and is heading to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in April. Designed for up to four players, it’s looking to encapsulate what made Capcom’s 2018 action RPG a huge hit as hunters square off with deadly creatures, gathering resources, and improving their weapons and armour.


The gameplay video serves up close to one hour and twenty minutes of footage between two players. In this video we see them running one of the later scenarios on offer as hunters go up against a Rathalos. This preview also gives us proper peek at the various board game components, including the miniatures which include a jumbo sized Rathalos and Anjanath, as well as a Tobi-Kadachi and Jagras. Steamforged Games explain that you won’t be able to go up against the Rathalos right away with players needing to complete previous missions to improve their loadouts.

For those who take their tabletop games seriously, Steamforged Games is a name that should be familiar to you. The Stockport based developer has worked to bring a number of AAA properties into the board game sphere including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dark Souls, and Resident Evil.

Much like the Monster Hunter video game series there will be elements of time and resource management that put pressure on players as they face off against familiar foes. What’s more interesting is how the game will encourage replayability, inviting hunters to embark on subsequent campaigns while carrying over their characters and gear. Of course there will be multiple weapon types to choose from, each with their own associated cards and playstyles.

With the Kickstarter campaign about to go live in a matter of days, we’re looking forward to seeing exactly what is included in the base game as well as what potential stretch goals and expansions Steamforged will be offering.

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  1. Steamforged Games have so far produced fairly simple boardgame adaptations which have met mixed reviews. I would do a bit of research before splurging loads of money on an all in pledge. The minis will be lovely though, if you are looking for a painting project!

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