The Falconeer free Atun’s Folly update is out now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC

A surprise free update to The Falconeer was released last night, expanding on the game’s watery world with the addition of the Atun’s Folly settlement, new missions and new enemies to battle. The expansion is out now for the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – The Falconeer is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

Atun’s Folly in a new settlement that you can find in the world of the Great Ursee, a Pirate outpost that provides plenty of new dangers to face. From this settlement you can take on piratical new missions that will see you raiding the Imperium’s traders, while also tackling fierce new enemies.

Launching alongside the Xbox Series X|S, this ambitious open world bird combat game comes from solo developer Tomas Sala. It immediately took advantage of the capabilities of the new systems to offer native 120fps support for high-refresh rate TVs and monitors, while the game’s distinctive stylised art style allowed him to shoot for the highest resolutions each Xbox console can manage.

Since then, Sala has continued to update and add to his game. The Atun’s Folly update follows on from the first paid DLC to the game, The Hunter, which added the ability to fly dragons, alongside a free update full of quality of life changes across the game and the promise that you “haven’t seen what’s coming next.” The Atun’s Folly seems to be just the first step of his plan.

Jason reviewed the game upon release and while he enjoyed it and the world it created, it didn’t quite catch his imagination as much as he hoped it would:

I find myself a little perplexed by The Falconeer. I still thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game, but it almost felt like I was doing so in spite of how I felt about the gameplay. I do think The Falconeer is going to find an audience that loves it wholeheartedly, but also that there will be plenty of others for whom this falls a bit flat too.

You can read our full review here, but Sala has done considerable work since then to improve and grow his game.

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