No Man’s Sky: Expeditions update adds new multiplayer exploration and seasonal content

Yet another big new update for No Man’s Sky has released today, with Expeditions aiming to mix up the game’s multiplayer with new missions to take on across the galaxy with your best buds and total strangers. The update is out now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Expeditions are a new game mode, featuring events that start at a fixed point of the universe to bring together the game’s community on a shared journey. Each expedition is broken down into phases, which each features a set of in-game milestones for you to try and complete, giving you the opportunity to earn rewards, meet up with other players and experiment within the game.

It’s rooted in a new form of seasonal content for the game, with new expeditions created with different themes and exploring different parts of the game’s galaxy. The first expedition comes with specific rewards, including new base parts, new customisation options and an exclusive ship design and jetpack style. You’ll be able to take these rewards with you to other platforms via cross-save.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions give you milestones to complete in exchange for rewards.

Beyond that, Expeditions also brings the following headline features:

  • TARGET SWEEP MODE – A new extension to the Analysis Visor, Target Sweep brings a new element of exploration gameplay to missions. Use survey techniques and exploration skills to uncover mission destinations.
  • MISSION OVERHAUL – Core and optional missions have been overhauled to include the Target Sweep mechanic, as well as a large number of other improvements.
  • WEEKEND MISSIONS – Weekend Missions have been re-enabled. These procedurally generated missions give the community a common goal, and offer a large amount of Quicksilver as a reward.
  • UI AND HUD OVERHAUL – The in-game HUD has been completely refreshed for legibility. A large number of UI and marker quality of life improvements have been added.
  • BALANCE AND QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGES – Improvements to early game balance anda new smoothness to the automated instructions for building products and technologies mean this is the best time to get back into playing No Man’s Sky.
  • RENDEZVOUS POINTS – Set markers to meet other travellers.

See more details on the No Man’s Sky website.

And to think, they only just released the Companions update in February!

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  1. As should probably be expected by now, this update comes with good and bad things.

    A very annoying bug with the portable refiner. It seems to disappear if you stop looking at it, taking whatever you’ve put in it away to wherever these things go. And still a lot of random crashes. Which at least proves some people were wrong in claiming the random crashes were down to old saves.

    But the good? The expedition are a great idea. Start a whole new game with everyone in the same place? And you’ve got just 2 months to do whatever all the steps are? You’ll run into more random people actually doing things than ever before. (Which previously was people quickly grabbing stuff in the anomaly or just sat there doing nothing)

    It’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts. Will people hang around and do stuff with random people? Or quickly spread out across the galaxy?

    • I think it’s very clever, tempting players into re-experiencing the challenges of a fresh start but also allowing us to transfer any earned rewards to our other (legacy) saves. You can also earn in-game rewards by watching people stream NMS on Twitch, so i redownloaded the Twitch PS4 app and was delighted to see that that has improved a lot since i last tried it.
      Unfortunately after 45mins my NMS expedition ended prematurely due to a bug. I was lucky, others had theirs end after playing for a few hours. When the expedition ends your save is auto-converted to a normal save so you can’t continue the expedition. I’ll hold off for the inevitable bugfix which i believe is already live on steam.

      Btw, i was able to access Expeditions mode from the Single Player menu so it doesn’t seem to be as strictly tied to multiplayer as i was expecting.

      • There isn’t really a single player mode anyway, is there? There’s “Play Game” and “Multiplayer” as the first menu. With “Other explorers may join your session” under the first option.

        It’s just that normally if you go for that single player option, you’re unlikely to meet anyone (except in the anomaly). With the expeditions mode, you all start in the same place, so you’re going to meet people straight away.

      • Well, i started on my own and there were no other players visible. Mind you i think i have all the online settings disabled but i’ll have a look next time and see if Expeditions forces the network settings on.

      • Looks like they’ve found a fix for the “expedition ended” bug, but the update hasn’t gone live yet. No help if you’ve had an expedition end prematurely, but stops it happening in future.

        And in case it doesn’t… If the message comes up saying your expedition has ended and your save will be converted into a normal save, DO NOT press anything. You can close the game and reload, and your save will be safe. It might try it again 2 minutes later, or it might not. But it doesn’t convert your save until you press cross on that message. Obviously you’ll lose some progress, but you should be saving frequently anyway.

      • And with a little update early yesterday evening, they’ve fixed that bug. Still a lot of crashing, mostly when you land somewhere. I recommend forcing a save before you fly anywhere. If you’ve done stuff in a space station, get in your ship, get out to force a save, then get back in a fly off. Just in case it crashes when you land.

        I ended up in a fight that took place just above the surface of a planet yesterday. Not just being randomly attacked in space, or defending a freighter. Is that new? It’s never happened before.

        Quick way to make progress in the expedition… Leave a Twitch stream running for 3 hours, claim a free A class ship (from the anomaly Quicksilver shop) and instantly get an S class ship as one of the expedition milestones for getting an A class ship.

        None of the planets so far have been nice pleasant places to build a base. At least if you follow the expedition path on the galaxy map. So far they’ve all been too hot, or too cold, or the sea was exactly the wrong shade of pink.

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