Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s “Rainbow Is Magic” event returns

Easily one of the goofiest Rainbow Six Siege takeovers, the “Rainbow is Magic” live event has returned in 2021 to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

Drenched in pink paint, leopard print, and glitter, Rainbow is Magic is taking place from now until April 6th, 2021. Throughout the next week, Siege players can partake in a new time limited game mode which has Operators fighting over a VIP Teddy Bear.


What makes this event particularly comical is the chance to bag a number of special Rainbow Six Siege Operator skins. They’re rather ridiculous, especially the unicorn-horned Tachanka.

Here’s the full Rainbow is Magic mission briefing:


It’s the return of the Very Important Plushie! Just like you did two years ago, save the fluffiest of hostages in a colourful mission of pure chaos aboard the toy version of Airplane. Let Blackbeard, Montagne, Smoke and Tachanka back into their favourite uniforms to fight over the VIP Teddy Bear.

Need a reminder on which Operators are deployed for the occasion? Ash, Thermite, Bandit, Frost, Castle, Kapkan, Sledge, Thatcher and our Recruit are once again the handpicked units for such a crucial and – totally – serious task. There’s no room to fail!


The world is more beautiful in colours, and you’ll be the most colourful of all with the return of the Rainbow Is Magic Collection.

We’re bringing “tactical cuteness” back for Blackbeard, Montagne, Sledge and the Lord Tachanka by re-releasing their playful looks as bundles. We’re also adding some new exclusive items, including a whimsical weapon skin for Tachanka. No duplicate drops guaranteed!

This is not the main event of the Season – that one is coming later – but it does not mean that you shouldn’t provide more meme-worthy poses adorned in your fanciest wardrobe pieces for all of us to admire.

Log in while the Game mode is live and receive a free Rainbow Is Magic Collection Pack. Purchase Rainbow is Magic bundles with R6 Credits or Collection Packs with R6 Credits or Renown.

Rainbow Six Siege recently kicked off its sixth year (!) of post-launch content starting with Operation Crimson Heist. You can read more about Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 here including the new Operator, Flores, and the latest map rework.

This is first of four Year 6 content drops coming in 2021. Ubisoft have promised more Operators, map reworks, and a number of game-changing features and reworks.

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