Ace Combat 7’s Experimental Aircraft DLC lands this Spring

Bandai Namco has announced the next DLC pack for Ace Combat 7, and this one is called the Experimental Aircraft pack. In this pack, players will get access to three more planes and new skins/emblems of enemy pilots. Those three planes will be the F-15 S/MTD, the F-16XL, and theFB-22 Strike Raptor. Check them out in the new trailer below.

Dom gave the game a stonking 9/10 in our review saying:

 “In Ace Combat 7 dogfighting games have a new Top Gun,” he said. “The VR sadly turned my stomach, but the series’ trademark action is bigger and better than ever, with the spectacular weather effects introducing a level of realism and drama that will win over any wannabe Mavericks.”

Source: YouTube

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