Pac-Man 99 is a free Nintendo Switch Online exclusive battle royale – out today!

Nintendo has waved their magic battle royale wand over another classic video game franchise, working with Bandai Namco to create Pac-Man 99, a new Nintendo Switch Online exclusive battle royale.

The game is available to play from today, 7th April 2021, in the US and on 8th April for Europe (likely in the small hours of the morning) at the following links:

Pac-Man 99 is a free exclusive for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers – you need a subscription in order to play, after all! Pac-Man 99 follows in the footsteps of Tetris 99 and the time-limited Super Mario Bros. 35, in pitting you against a multitude of other players, adapting a traditionally single-player or more limited multiplayer game. It’s all about being the last man standing, or…. the last Pac-Man eating?

The twist is that your actions can affect other players. Eating Power Pellets makes the ghosts turn blue and vulnerable to you chomping on them, with each ghost that you eat being sent to another player in the form of Jammer Pac-Man, which can slow down a player it comes into contact with. You can target other players in a number of ways, either letting the game do it automatically, or target those that are attacking you, those that are the most successful out there, or pick someone manually.

Eat ghosts to send them to your 98 opponents in Pac-Man 99.

The key to victory is to eat the sleeping ghosts in the maze, adding them to a growing ghost train that you can eat up with a Power Pellet and then blast at your chosen opponent. There’s also four preset power ups, such as ‘speed up’, ‘send extra Jammers’ and more.

The winner of all this doesn’t get a chicken dinner, or anything like that. Instead they’re dubbed the Pac-One… OK, then?

The game features custom themes that can be purchased, based on Xevious, GALAGA, Dig Dug, with 20 classic themes in total.

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