Temtem’s Cipanku Island update is coming next week

Crema and Humble Games have confirmed that the next major update for Temtem will be released on April 13th, adding some new content for players to experience. The update is called Cipanku Island and it will add a new dojo, a new teleport feature, and Tempedia entries. That is not all though as on Cipanku Island players will have the chance to encounter the first mythical Temtem.


In a preview of Temtem for PS5, I wrote:

Having played through the opening island and just landed on the second, I’m excited to see what else TemTem has in store. I’ve just discovered the Breeding Centre and left my Saipat and Fomu to get know each other better, as it were. So far TemTem has captured similar feelings to what I felt when playing Pokémon originally on the Game Boy, but with the MMO layer on top of that, TemTem has a chance to become many people’s obsession for years to come.

You can read the full article in “TemTem on PS5 – Exploring the opening hours of this creature battler MMORPG.”

Source: Press Release

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