Report: Sony were working on a new Uncharted and a remake of The Last of Us for PS5

Bloomberg have a new report suggesting there is ‘unrest’ at Sony as, a few years ago, a internal group called the Visual Arts Service Group “decided they wanted to have more creative control and lead game direction rather than being supporting actors on popular titles such as Spider-Man and Uncharted.”

The leader of the group recruited around thirty developers and started work remaking The Last Of Us for PlayStation 5. According to the report Sony never officially acknowledged the existence of the group or funded them and eventually they fell apart. The PS5 remake of The Last of Us is now back with Naughty Dog.


I would bet we never see the game, Naughty Dog are not ones to look back and we already have a remastered version of The Last of Us for PlayStation 4. The idea was to ship the remake alongside the sequel and that boat has long since gone.

Uncharted has continued without Nathan Drake, would he be in the new game?

The report also discusses Sony Bend, creators of Days Gone. It says that a sequel to the title was pitched but despite the game selling well Sony decided not to make a sequel, partially due to the lengthy development of Days Gone. It is said that Sony Bend were then tasked to help with two Naughty Dog projects, the first being a multiplayer game which is almost certainly the Factions stand alone game based on The Last of Us 2. The second game was a new Uncharted title.

However, both Sony Bend teams have now been pulled from the projects and are now working on a new game within their own studio. Where this leaves the new Uncharted game remains to be seen but with Horizon Forbidden West and a new God of War already on the slate, along with Factions and Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart, Sony are not short of upcoming blockbusters.

UPDATE: Eurogamer report the Uncharted game is no longer in production but was intended to a ‘reboot’ of sorts, perhaps even a prequel.

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. If the report is true, then that’s thoroughly daft reasoning for canning Days Gone. Development started in 2015 and it shipped in 2019, a four year development cycle that’s pretty standard for Sony’s first party games.

  2. Anyone else been thinking a days gone sequel is on the way? Free on the ps5 psplus collection and now psplus April. Feels to me like they are getting more players interested for a sequel. I certainly missed it on the initial release, but really enjoyed it to the point I’d buy a sequel. Definitely the case with horizon and ratchet & clank. It’s no secret psplus games are selected to build hype for sequels or sell DLC

  3. I would be very disappointed if there is no Days Gone 2. As noted above, it seems like they’ve actually been building hype for it.

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