Rain on Your Parade Review

The weather is probably one of the most common conversation topics known to humanity. We comment on the weather, speculate about the weather, and plan our rare excursions around the weather, yet despite the rapid march of technology, it remains a fickle thing to predict. One minute the sun is shining and it feels like beach weather, the next moment it’s snowing in the middle of April. We cannot control the weather in reality, but that is exactly your role as Cloudy in Rain on Your Parade.

Rain on Your Parade has a simple premise. In each level, Cloudy must unleash four weather types to cause havoc and complete puzzles. Those weather types are rain, snow, tornadoes, and thunder and lightning storms. Sometimes one weather type will do the trick while on other occasions you will need to use a mixture to complete the objectives.

Levels vary from raining on a number of people to stopping the robot army of the dastardly Dr. Dry Spell, who hates clouds, from destroying a city. Every level has its own unique set up, challenging players to achieve the various objectives, and include hidden objectives that will appear if you carry out certain actions. Completing  objectives awards stars and fully completing a level will unlock cosmetics to dress up Cloudy with. My own Cloudy was purple, had a firefighter’s hat, and rocked a guitar.

The gameplay is simple and easy to pick up as you move around levels unleashing the weather of choice to cause all sorts of havoc. Do not let Cloudy’s smiley face fool you. Under that façade is a drifting killer. Raining on someone will get them wet, while snowing on them will trap them in a snowball. You can use lightning to then strike the humans or a tornado to throw them great distances. Quite a few missions require Cloudy to take people out in order to succeed, like throwing a bunch of screaming snowballs off a cliff. Cloudy only has a set amount of stored rain per mission, but this can usually be replenished. Some missions will not have any replenishment sources, so you have to ration the rain to meet the objectives.

The narrative is quite basic, with Cloudy looking for friends which puts him on the road to the magical city of Seattle. Along the way he meets other characters like an older cloud, a grandma who does not mind Cloudy’s destruction as long as it helps her, and a frog. The main positive to Rain on Your Parade is that it keeps surprising with its missions. Some are unique, while others pay homages to other games like Breakout and Metal Gear Solid. In one you could be filling a shopping trolley with goods, while in another you are wielding a black hole in a level inspired by Katamari Damacy. Even with the homages Rain on Your Parade is able to carve out its own identity.

There are some minor issues within Rain On Your Parade. The tornado power can feel a bit unwieldy when trying to place objects during certain missions, and its throw ability is inconsistent. There was also one mission where some humans could not be offed, but it could be overlooked as it did not hinder being able to complete that mission. There were no noticeable game breaking or hindering bugs that were encountered during Rain On Your Parade.

Rain On Your Parade can be completed within a few hours and once you do then you unlock New Game+ as well as Sun Mode. Sun Mode adds an extra layer of difficulty, bringing in a nemesis to deal with in the missions. The Sun will follow Cloudy around and will knock off some of Cloudy’s life if it touches. The addition of Sun Mode adds to the game’s replayability factor due to the difficulty change as well as new objectives being added.

Rain on Your Parade is a casual puzzler that's a whole lot of fun. The simplicity of the gameplay allows for experimentation throughout with unique levels every step of the way. The game has charm (despite Cloudy being a bit murderous at times), and the minor issues are easily overlooked due to the fun nature of Rain on Your Parade.
  • Simple premise and easy to pick up
  • Each level is unique with some great homages
  • Has replayability thanks to NG+ and Sun Mode
  • You can make Cloudy wear hats
  • Tornado power can be a bit unwieldy
  • Some minor performance bugs where humans could be impacted
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