Resident Evil Village will have dynamic new difficulty mode, leaker claims

Resident Evil Village, the latest in Capcom’s flagship horror franchise, will sport an unlockable difficulty setting which will dynamically randomise chunks of the game.

This update comes via regular Resident Evil leaker, Dust Golem. The Resi tipster took to Twitter to drops some details regarding this unannounced feature which they liken to an “Ethan Must Die 2.0”.


For those who haven’t played Resident Evil 7 in a while, Ethan Must Die was a stripped down game mode added as DLC, throwing players back into the Baker Ranch with little more than a knife as they navigated randomly remixed portions of the game.

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Here’s how Dust Golem describes the unlockable new difficulty mode supposedly coming to Resident Evil Village:

I’m curious if they’re going to talk about this before release, and *UNLOCKABLE SPOILERS* for anyone avoiding all spoilers, but no story spoilers here, just an extra mode, BUT…

I’ve known for a while they toyed with making an “Ethan Must Die 2.0” for village, & turned it an expansive difficulty mode in the game. I don’t know the full details/final result of the mode, I feel they may talk about it before release, but I’m aware it makes the game more open, randomizes enemy & item placement, & scaled to be extremely difficult.

If true, this could be a clever step forward for the survival horror sequel. Resident Evil Village will follow the footsteps of its predecessors in being a mostly linear, story-driven experience, though one that could benefit from some added replay value.

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Resident Evil Village is less than a month away now with a planned release date of May 10th, 2021. The Capcom title will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as well as Google Stadia (with a big bonus). It will launch alongside Resident Evil Re:Verse, a competitive online game bundled in with Resident Evil Village – here’s what Nick thought of the game in his recent preview.

Source: Twitter (@AestheticGamer1)

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