Hunt: Showdown update will improve skill-based matchmaking

Developer Crytek have announced plans to refine their current matchmaking system for their popular online bounty hunting shooter, Hunt: Showdown.

In their latest update blog, the studio explains how the system currently works, what changes they are making in Hunt: Showdown version 1.5.1, and other features that are on the way.

Hunt: Showdown skill-based matchmaking – how will it work?

In a nutshell, the upcoming patch will add an option for players to select whether they want to queue with skill-based matchmaking switched on or off. As the name suggests, skill-based matchmaking will limit the game’s parameters to help ensure you’re playing against those of a similar skill level. Crytek didn’t go into specific details as to how they gauge a player’s skill though it won’t solely rely on your kill/death ratio, rank, or time played. However, they confirm that Hunt: Showdown’s player base is split into six “buckets”.

On one hand, skill-based matchmaking helps to improve their in-game performance by challenging opponents who mirror their own skill level. However, as Crytek point out, your queuing times may be extend with this feature switched on. They also note that playing in a group will also have impact on your skill rating, helping to even the playing field when matched against random teams.

These changes will not affect the game’s Quickplay option. Even after Hunt: Showdown 1.5.1 goes live, this will remain a “free-for-all” where players of all skill levels are tossed into a bayou battle royale.

Hunt: Showdown recently celebrated its third anniversary with a meaty 1.5 update. A new bounty boss, the frightening feathered Scrapbeak, now has a bounty on their heads. Meanwhile, an advanced custom ammunition system has been added to Hunt, helping players to spice up their loadouts. From poison coated rounds and fiery Dragonbreath ammo to deadly Dumdum bullets, each custom ammunition type has its own pros and cons, offering more ways to customise.

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