What We Played #494 – Disco Elysium, Oddworld: Soulstorm & Halo: The Master Chief Collection

As much as the rules have changed, life hasn’t felt all that different for me this past week. Maybe that’s because my haircut is only booked for next week?

My game of the week has been Halo: The Master Chief Collection – really it’s a smorgasbord of six games. Hoping to get fully up to speed before Halo Infinite’s release later this year, I’ve started a co-op run through Halo 2: Anniversary. Some of the level design now feels rather dated from the original Xbox, but the remake still looks pretty spiffy in a lot of places. I’ve also been hooked by the game’s multiplayer, and while I suck in comparison to many players out there, I’m enjoying myself.

Checking in with the rest of the team, Nic B finished off our review of Oddworld: Soulstorm: “It’s absolutely massive, and a great sequel to New ‘n’ Tasty. Though it’s a little rough in places, it’s a lot more grown up than the first game, and you really can tell that a lot of love went into this game.”

It was trophy hunting for Nick P, who finished off the Yakuza: Like a Dragon platinum and is sad it’s all over. From there he jumped back into Hitman 3 for a few challenges and leaderboard score chases, and more Fights in Tight Spaces.

Also playing Hitman 3 was Aran, who’s really enjoying exploring the environments and finding ways to complete the missions. He also played a little Outriders, but given the game’s issues, he put it to one side while People Can Fly patch things up.

Jim fired up the Diablo II Resurrected technical alpha last weekend, which did a whole lot more for him than Diablo III did, and has been playing more Crash Bandicoot 4 on PlayStation 5 – “While easier to get a handle on compared to the PS1 classics, developer Toys for Bob have still worked in some fiendishly frustrating platforming sections,” he says.

Though he still hates the lack of waypoints, Tuffcub is enjoying Control a whole lot more on his second attempt with the game. Oh, and he played Destiny 2, of course.

Miguel’s been “drowning” in Atelier games as he played the new Mystery DX trilogy. Alongside that, he’s played little bits of Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Still, he’s trying not to play too much because he’s saving himself for the NieR Replicant Ver. 1.3893u9823401920y32ui4pr2e… when it releases later this month.

Speaking of which, Steve has finished off playing all the endings of NieR Replicant Ver. 1.4978y37r2389139712384293… for our upcoming review and reckons that Miguel is going to love it. Following that up he raced through Gato Roboto, played the “utterly excrable” Magus from PS Now – “It’s so bad that it’s too bad to be good but utterly brainless fun” – and reviewed Ashwalkers.

Gamoc was relatively lucky not to have too many issues as he played through Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for our review, but wasn’t so lucky with Marvel’s Avengers. “It’s a weird combination of high and low quality, it’s full of bugs and poor design decisions but the cutscenes and the story are quite good. Mostly it just makes me frustrated at how good it could have been.”

Jason played Before Your Eyes and is now “an emotionally exhausted husk” after finishing the most touching game he’s ever played, and finally, Dom’s had a busy week in the real world, so he only managed to sneak in some time with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He’s not played it for a while, but said it was nice and easy to drop back into.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I’m still doing the NMS expedition, about 3/4 done now but some of the remaining tasks will be time-consuming. Some i’ll have to do in one go but others i can pick away at as i go. I’m still in awe at how beautiful this game is.

    Also loaded up Dreams with an idea for some music and it came together quite nicely. And then i discovered that there’s a weekly live stream of Dreams music on Twitch , went looking for the channel to pin it and they were already live. I experienced an odd mix of delight and stress when they gave me a shoutout and said they were going to be playing my tune in a bit .. there are some amazing talented musicians in Dreams but i’m not one of them :). My tune went down well though, got some very kind and encouraging comments – what a lovely bunch of folks.
    Follow Tenia in Dreams to get involved or tune into itsallstar on Twitch sat evenings 9pm.

  2. Lots of Demon’s Souls on the PS5 for me, managed to grab the platinum recently. Now onto NG++++ – at the stage now where I can pretty much one-shot any boss and have acquired all special weapons, so I’m looking to start another PS5 game – probably Oddworld or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

    I did give Maquette a try – the frame rate is bloody awful. Constant screen tears too. Completely unplayable at the moment. I’ve set texture quality as low but still have the same issues. Anyone else had the same problem?

  3. I’ve been playing the DLC for Borderlands, I’ve done the Ned, Claptrap and most of the Knoxx parts, apart from killing Crawmerax, which I’m currently trying to do… it’s a little bit challenging, to say the least! Then just Moxxi underdome and that’s the 100% and I’ll be on to a different game, but I’m not sure what that’ll be yet. I’m hoping I can at least beat Crawmerax this weekend.

  4. Same as last week, really. With the added bonus of the PS5 being crap at handling power cuts. Well, a tumble dryer knocking out the main fuse. That fancy fast SSD seems remarkably corruptible. Good job it’s so small and all my PS4 games are safely stored on a more robust external drive. Except the save games aren’t. And there’s still that problem with the cloud storage of having more space than you could ever use (which is nice) but having a limit on how many files you can upload (which isn’t so nice).

    So a lot of downloading again this week.

    In between that, I finished (then lost progress) on the main story in Avengers. Which is fun, but has a stupid design decision for every decent bit.

    And plenty of Enlisted, which is a fun, somewhat chaotic game. With the worst tank controls ever. And plane controls aren’t much better.

    Oh, and some Zombie Army 4, which is much easier with 2 or more players. And even easier with 2 or more players and only 1 player’s worth of zombies.

  5. Me and my wife are on a second playthrough of It Takes Two trying to pick up the trophies we missed on the first play. Also today started my 2nd playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 and will probably be hooked again this weekend. Forgot how stunning this game world is.

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