Warzone Roze skin finally nerfed as Season 3 goes live

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 is now live, marking an exciting new era for the popular battle royale shooter. As Warzone fans carefully pick through the latest patch notes published by developer Raven Software, one key highlight is a change (or “nerf”) to the Roze operator skin.


This particular skins has been causing a stir in the Warzone community, Raven finally addressing the issue in Season and issuing the following fix:

We’ve adjusted Roze in order to improve the Operators readability/visibility where sources of light are available.

There’s a good chance casual Warzone players won’t have noticed, but the more serious CoD fans out there have had a bone to pick with the “Rook” Roze skin. The game features more than 60 playable operators – avatars allowing you to add some cosmetic flair when dropping into Verdansk. Operators usually come tagged with extra skins to alter their appearance, the premium Roze skin being top to toe in a non-reflective black colour.

Warzone’s Roze “Rook” skin has been updated. Here’s a fan suggestion of what it should look like, via Reddit.

So what? It’s just a skin, you may be thinking. However, the Roze skin quickly solidified itself in Warzone meta, competitive players opting for this somewhat scary outfit due to the way it concealed them, especially when lurking in darker spots of the map.

Verdansk has plenty of dimly lit interiors and shadow-covered patches so having players who are virtually invisible is a pretty unfair advantage. When you consider the fact that the “Rook” Roze skin comes with a premium price tag, the “pay to win” murmurs were surely enough for Raven Software to step in, and they have.

With Warzone Season 3 having only just gone live and the new changes coming into effect as fans boot up the game, we’re waiting to hear just how effective the Roze skin nerf has been.

Like previous season, Warzone S3 comes in tow with a new Battle Pass loaded with free and premium rewards including boosts, weapons, operators, and other bonuses.

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