What We Played #495 –  Returnal, NieR Replicant ver. 1.22 & Lemnis Gate

And just like that it’s Friday again. It feels like we’ve made it through a week without the games industry making some catastrophic blunder, which is nice – perhaps they’ve been too busy enjoying the sun?

I’ve carried on with Spider-Man: Miles Morales and it is brilliant, enhanced further by the expansive sound bar I treated myself to from eBay. It is VERY LOUD, which my already damaged hearing thinks is great, though my wife and children aren’t as enthused. Other than Miles Morales I had a great time playing loads of retro classics on the Evercade which is a lovely little handheld, and at some point recently I also loved Lemnis Gate, though I couldn’t tell you when that was in the blur that is my life. [Ed – it was last week, but we couldn’t talk about it then – Ed.]

Aran played through the Hitman 3 campaign which he thoroughly enjoyed, telling us that “finding different ways to approach the missions was great fun. I also played a bit more Outriders which is starting to lose its shine just a little for me. I started Ori and The Blind Forest definitive edition as well which is a gorgeous looking game and the soundtrack is brilliant. Looking forward to spending my weekend playing that.”

Nick P has been putting most of his time into Persona 5 Royal, another long JRPG! “A lot more differences than I thought, which is nice. I also played the ‘Destruction of Verdansk’ event on Warzone last night which was God awful.” Nic B meanwhile has let the Nic(k) side down by not really playing anything other than PoGo this week, though he’s hoping to hop back on Monster Hunter Rise.

Jim decided to bite the bullet and parachute back into Call of Duty: Warzone in anticipation fo the Season 3 relaunch. He tells us, “Much like Fornite, I didn’t really gel with it at first and CoD’s brutal time to kill (TTK) meant that I was getting constantly outgunned. However, as with most of these games, patience and learning are key. I’ve managed to get into the top 5 during Solos, having also boosted my performance in Duos and Quads. With Verdansk having literally been nuked earlier this week, and with some major Warzone changes on the way, it looks like I chose an ideal time to re-enlist.”

He’s also been playing Returnal, which you can read more about in our gameplay preview. He says, “I’ve also been playing Returnal, which you can read more about in our gameplay preview. I’ve also been playing Returnal, which you can read more about in our gameplay preview. I’ve also been playing Returnal, which you can read more about in our gameplay preview. I’ve also been playing Returnal, which you can read more about in our gameplay preview.”

Sorry, there seems to have been a glitch in the Matrix there.

Ade finally picked up Ghosts of Tsushima, saying, “Man, oh man, such an amazing game. It’s like someone took all of my issues with Assassin’s Creed and just fixed them. Ten hours of play have breezed by in a way that they never did with Valhalla or Immortals.”

Meanwhile, Steve has been on a Yoko Taro kick this week. With his NieR Replicant review published, he “Dipped in and out of NieR Replicant to grind for some weapon upgrades. The soundtrack alone helps to make this less onerous than it might have been.

“Mainly I’ve been ratttling through Drakengard 3. In many ways, this is a step back from the expansive worlds of the earlier Drakengards and NieR with a focus on corridors and arena battles but it has even more trademark batshit Taro characters and interactions that go a long way to keep you engaged. I’m not sure it would benefit from a fancy upgrade as much as NieR but it’s a shame that it (and especially it’s extensive DLC) is a title that will be lost when Sony do eventually turn off the PS3 store (at least as a legitimate title). Other than that I’m treading water a bit until Resi hits – waiting for the PC demo to see it properly.”

Jason is still recovering emotionally from playing Before Your Eyes, which might be his game of the year despite making him cry on stream. That wasn’t the only precipitation though as he also tried out Rain on your Parade, saying “it’s bloody wonderful and filled with more Easter eggs than I thought possible of any game. I also jumped into Path of Exile, which is fun, overwhelming, and satisfying in short bursts.”

Miguel has been playing so. much. Atelier. SO MUCH. Besides that, he’s been getting a little more into the current COD games thanks to Season 3 starting up today, and has been dipping into Apex Legends a bit too.

Finally, Tef has played 45 minutes of Returnal, and he even provided proof! Nobody else gave me proof.

Now, what have you played?

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  1. I managed to 100% complete Borderlands. I’ve just started on the PS4 version of Borderlands 2, for some variety XD. In between I grabbed the platinum for Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, as well as One Night Stand – the PS4 game, I haven’t been breaking any rules! :-D

  2. Thought I’d give Horizon Zero Dawn a go, seems it’s free. Not really got into yet, but only played a couple of hours. Because it didn’t cost me anything, I think I’m more likely to sack it off early if it doesn’t immediately gel, which I know is a stupid thing to do. We’ll see over the next few days, although watching the snooker is all I’m really using my TV for at the moment.

    • I’m similar – always found with, ahem, “free” games that I rarely played them unless they grabbed me big time (many years ago I should add). And conversely these days if I’ve paid a reasonable sum or even full price for a game I’ll play it to completion just to justify the investment, even if I’m not enjoying it that much… having said that HZD started slowly for me too but I got sucked into the story big time so stick with it!

  3. I decided I was enjoying Avengers a lot with PS Now, so went mad and paid for it just to get the PS5 version while it was on sale. Which is a big improvement, even just for the shorter loading times. It’s fun, and every stupid decision they seem to have made is getting less annoying with time.

    Then some Hunt before the event ended, which didn’t go well because there were too many people playing and it was all falling over. Bonus points to the developers for clearly explaining what was going on though.

    Enlisted is also keeping me busy. It’s a bit chaotic, and I have to remember to turn the volume down because it seems extra loud. But it’s fun and free. And looks pretty decent for a free game.

    And finally, because I obviously need more excuses to strap on my Fancy Hat just as the weather improves, some VR shenanigans with Alvo. I think it needs a bit more work, less bugs and more maps, but it’s a lot of fun already. But it already gained a new map with more to come. A 25% discount for the first 2 weeks helps too. 3 updates in 24 hours because the first broke something, the second broke everything and the third fixed it all was interesting.

  4. More tinkering in Dreams where i turned a silly idea into a pleasing thing and i’m whittling away at the final milestones in the NMS expedition so i’ll be ready for something new after the wknd.

  5. Had a few really hard weeks so not played anything but did last night fire up ME:Andromeda again. Where I left it I was getting my ass kicked by the boss in the kett base on Eos so bravely ran away to continue the story, only to end up fighting an identical boss when rescuing the angara! Still, knew what to expect and more room to move so was able to defeat them in a couple of attempts this time without having to replay half the mission to get back to the fight.

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