How to play Super Mario Party online with update 1.1.0

Nintendo has just released a free update for Super Mario Party that (finally!) allows you to play the full on Mario Party mode in online multiplayer. There’s also the dual-character Partner Party mode and the ability to play 70 of the game’s 80 minigames as well.

It’s a long overdue update, but once you’ve installed the version 1.1.0 patch it might initially be a little confusing how exactly you’re meant to play online.

We’ll run you through the steps below, but the basics are that you first need to enter the game as though you were playing offline, picking a play configuration, characters and any AI companions that you would need. It’s only when you join select a play mode from the Plaza that you get the choice to play online.


How to play online in Super Mario Party

Get to the Plaza

The first thing you need to do is get through the game’s opening menus and access the Plaza. Load up the game  and at the ‘Who will be playing?’ screen select ‘1 Nintendo Switch’ system and either 1 Player or 2 Player depending on how many local players will be going online.

Important: You cannot add any extra players after this point, so make sure to pick the right number!

After the opening cutscene, pick the character(s) you want to play as, and then select any of the groups of AI players from the plaza entrance to fill out the party. They really don’t matter!

You have to visit a screen in the Plaza to set up your online multiplayer game.

What game modes can you play?

There are three modes that now have online multiplayer: Mario Party, Partner Party and Minigames – Online Mariothon also still exists for those that want to play that mode.

How to make an online lobby in Super Mario Party

Run over to any of these three modes and tap the right face button to enter their screen. It does not matter which mode you choose at this point. You will now be able to choose whether to play online or stay offline.

Pick online and then run through the following options:

  • Friend Match (invite players from your friends list) or Private Game (allow access to anyone with the correct password)
  • Play with one player per system or two players per system
  • Create an online lobby or join a room.
  • Set a 5 letter password (optional for a Friend Match)

You’ll need to organise with your online multiplayer buddies to decide how it’s easier for you to connect and who should host the game.

The most important step: choose Online Play!

How to invite a friend to your Mario Party lobby

Inviting friends to your Mario Party lobby is pretty simple. Whether you’re in a Friend match or Private game, just hit the up face button and you can send an invite to your friends to invite them.

If you’ve created a Private game, you can send the 5 letter password to anyone you want to join you without being friends. Just beware that anyone with that password can join.

How to join an online lobby in Super Mario Party

There are two ways to join an online lobby in Super Mario Party. You can load up the game and follow the instructions above for creating an online lobby, and select to join instead of create. If a friend match you will see all your friend-hosted lobbies, and if a private match, input the password and you should see the lobbies that match that password.

Alternatively you can have your host send out invites using the Nintendo Switch Friends list. These will be system invites and will have the game load you straight to the game’s online lobby. It’s so much simpler!

How to pick your online game mode

Once all of your friends have joined your lobby, you can then choose to ‘continue with this party’. This will then have everyone pick their characters all over again – again, note that you cannot change player count or system configuration at this point.

Now you can select the game mode – Mario Party, Partner Party or Minigames – using the shoulder buttons, and then the map or minigames that you want to play.

Now the fun of online Super Mario Party can finally begin!

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