Mental health awareness group Safe In Our World announces a month long fundraising drive

Safe In Our World, a group created to foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry and to assist people who don’t suffer from mental health issues in understanding these afflictions have announced a month long fundraising drive to coincide with Mental Health Month. As well as getting people talking about metal health, Safe In Our World is researching the effects of video games on mental health issues and lobbying the UK government to get them to understand the positive power of video games.

Players and creators will be encouraged to talk about mental health issues and get involved with fund raising by hosting streams of favourite games. If you wish to help with the fundraising you can head over to the Safer Together fundraising page and get involved.


Mental health has come to the fore during the worldwide lockdown as everyone became trapped in their own homes. People turned to video games to socialise and, according to Prof Andrew Przybylski at the Oxford Internet Institute, to regain some sense of being in control.

A number of streams have already been announced for the Safer Together fundraiser, details of which you can find below.

You can also head over to the Safe In Our World website for more information on the fundraiser and mental health issues.

You may also want to tune in to this week’s Level-Clear podcast recording, which is sponsored by TheSixthAxis, where the team will be talking to Gareth Williams, one of the trustees of Safe In Our World. It will be recorded and broadcast live on the the Level-Clear Twitch channel at 7pm this Sunday, May 2nd.

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