A Way To Be Dead is a multiplayer horror title and you can apply for its closed beta now

Crania Games has announced a closed beta for its upcoming asymmetrical horror multiplayer title A Way To Be Dead. In A Way To Be Dead players either take on the role of the evil Dr Riley, one of the characters trying to escape him, or even as one of the zombies that are found in the world. The game is based in the same universe of Crania Games’ other title called Roots of Insanity. You can check out a gameplay teaser of A Way To Be Dead below.


A Way To Be Dead’s closed beta will be running soon and anyone who is interested in taking part can apply now. To do this you will need to fill out a form to express your interest. The application for A Way To Be Dead’s beta can be found here. Only a limited amount will be accepted with successful applicants getting emailed a Steam key as well as link to the Discord server to talk to the developers directly about their experiences, and to report any issues that they run into. The key features for A Way To Be Dead include:


  •  Play as zombies, victims and Dr. Riley
  •  Ability to improve the character using the Trauma points gained by winning sessions
  • Environmental elements can cause the victims to raise a lot of noise. As victims, avoid them. As Dr. Riley, use the relevant visual and aural notifications to track down your prey!
  • Multiple paths to choose to move around in the maps. As victims, scatter around using the underground tunnels safely and reach key points quickly. As Dr. Riley, lay in ambush around those key points.
  • Help the other victims and escape together, or turn into a zombie and get left behind in August Valentine Hospital forever.
  • Customize all the variables in a match. Duration until the lights are shut off, the amount of zombies, loot ratios, Riley’s mutation limit.

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