Hunt Showdown teases a new map

It appears as though the Bayou is about to get a little bigger, Hunters. Hunt: Showdown developer, Crytek, have given fans of the game their first official look at a new map, revealing the “Reeve’s Quarry” compound.


Initially, Hunt: Showdown launched with one core map – Stillwater Bayou – which was later joined by the Lawson Delta map in late 2018. This new upcoming map will bring the total number up to three. Here’s a look at the new location.

Teased over on the official Hunt: Showdown Twitter account, the faded black and white image was accompanied by the following description:

As time passes, new foundations are dug, new temples are erected to the sky. The time has come for our horizon to widen, and for us to explore new environs.

Reeve’s Quarry is likely one of several sites that will mesh together to form the new Hunt: Showdown map. Its arrival will mark yet another hotly anticipated update for the unique bounty hunting multiplayer game.

Having recently celebrated its third anniversary, Hunt: Showdown added a new bounty target known as Scrapbeak. For those unfamiliar with the game, Hunt: Showdown tasks groups of players with tracking then killing bounty targets, purifying them before hightailing it back to one of the extraction zones. Scrapbeak is the fourth of these boss monsters to feature in-game, joining the Assassin, Butcher, and Spider.

Developer Crytek also added a new custom ammo feature to their popular shooter. Opening up a whole new range of customisation options for your hunters, custom ammo comes in a variety of different flavours, each one offering a bonus as well as caveat. For instance, some will inflict ailments but may have a shorter range or reduced bullet penetration.

Of course, the studio continues to refine the core Hunt: Showdown experience too across all platforms. In a recent dev update, Crytek revealed their plans to change the way in which skill-based matchmaking works.

For now we don’t have any further details on the new map though hopefully – with Crytek starting to drop teasers – we’re not too far away from a release date.

Source: Twitter

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