Resident Evil Village boss battle tips & tricks

Is Lady Dimitrescu stepping on you too much in Resident Evil Village? Are Donna Beneviento & Angie giving you the runaround? Maybe Moreau is raining on your parade? Well fear not; we’ve got you covered with some handy tips to keep you alive in Resident Evil Village.

Below we’ve got a brief summary of what you need to do for every boss and significant encounter in the game below, so if you’re trying to avoid spoilers for what’s coming later in the game, scroll slowly to reach the fight you need. We’ve also sprinkled a few pre-launch images throughout to help split things up, but aren’t giving away what these bosses and encounters look like.

The first encounter with Urias

When first entering the Village proper, you’ll be swarmed by a seemingly endless horde of Lycans. Eventually their leader Urias turns up to make things a little harder. The simple thing to know here is that you don’t actually have to beat him, so don’t worry about it! Hide in a building, defend yourself if you can and stay out of the way. Eventually, a cutscene will trigger and you’ll get to progress. You can defeat him, of course, but it’s only advised to try on subsequent runs when you have better firepower.


Bella Dimitrescu

All three daughters are actually pretty simple fights. After inserting the Maroon Eye into the door in the upstairs area of the Castle, Bella will start to chase you, eventually catching up with you and throwing you through a barricade. A cutscene will trigger, showcasing the daughter’s weakness to cold. With the windows blown out, it’s a simple case of unloading ammo into her until she is toast. A shotgun is probably the best way to go, as the knockback is enough to stun lock her in place. If she does get close, blocking is your friend. Just remember to push her back afterwards, opening her up again to more fire.

Lady Dimitrescu (general advice)

In the first section you encounter her face to face, you just need to use the space to your advantage, create some distance so you can dash to the switch. Don’t be clever and think you’re safe behind the bars – she will just break through them – so after the gate opens, run through and she will do the Resi 7 Baker classic and appear in front you. Just double back, take the long way round and go through the now opened exit.

Around the castle, when she’s in her Mr. X mode and is hunting you down, you really should bother trying to shoot her, as tempting as it is. You will just be wasting ammo. There’s plenty of ways to get away from her in the castle, even if it means going the long way around.

Cassandra Dimitrescu

In the Library, you’ll encounter Cassandra Dimiitrescu who, just like her sister, is vulnerable to cold – is there a pattern emerging? To weaken her you need to open up the roof, so quickly look for a switch that’s on one of the pillars letting the horrible cold air in. The switch is located on one of the pillars on the opposite side of the room from where you start. It won’t stay open for long, so get blasting and be prepared to return to the switch if you didn’t finisher her in time. Otherwise, no special tricks are needed. Just shotgun away until she’s dead.

Daniela Dimitrescu

After getting the Mask of Pleasure, in the next room where you get the Animal Skull, you’ll be ambushed by Daniela Dimitrescu. Once again she’s vulnerable when she’s freezing, and you can find your source of cold by quickly moving the barricade away from the wall, and throwing a pipe bomb at it (there are some in the room with you). Now that she’s vulnerable, much like Bella and Cassandra, you can just blast away.

Mutated Dimitrescu

Well now… isn’t she pretty?! To take out Lady Dimitrescu in her grotesquely mutated form, you need to deal as much damage to her as possible. You can pretty much shoot anywhere you like, but her weakest spot is where she looks most human. Heads shots, in particular. You’ll have plenty of opportunity as she will corner you on the stairs until you deal enough damage and make her fly off.

Now, head up to the roof for stage two of the fight. During this stage, you will be kiting Lady D around the platform. Laying mines down or using pipe bombs are both good for stopping her in her tracks, giving you a chance to lay some gunfire into her “human” looking parts.

Occasionally, she will take off and hover a while before coming in for an attack. While she is airborne, whip out your newly acquired sniper to get a few shots off until she drops.

After dealing enough damage, the fight will advance to stage three where things get a touch cosy. Head up the stairs and wait for her to smash through pillars and get up close, then unload as much gunfire into her fleshy bits as you can. From here on out, staying to the right of her is generally safe, though blocking is still advised.


This “boss” encounter is pretty darn horrible. It’s not a boss you can kill, so your aim is to avoid it. If you’re stuck being corned by this beast, just hide under the bed in the room where you picked up the fuse, wait for it to slink past and then run for your life!

Donna Beneviento & Angie

This encounter is fairly simple. You just have to search for the doll three times and press the interaction when next to it. Ethan will stab it right in the face, ending Angie the doll for good after the third hit. The locations are different for each difficulty, but Angie is easily located: she will stand out in her white dress amongst the other dolls who wear black.

The Giant in the Graveyard

When backtracking to the Benaviento grave to claim the treasure, a huge axe wielding monster will be guarding it. Now, you could charge down there and start blasting… or you could hang near the stairs and shoot from there. This is an encounter that you can cheese by backtracking up the stairs until he turns around and walks back down. Go after him, shoot him, rinse, repeat. Simple.

If you take too long, he will call reinforcements, but they are easy to deal with.

Moreau on the Bridge

A lot of the bridge’s water section is based on animation triggers. If you take a step forward, it normally triggers his movement, so it’s sometimes best to move forward, let him trigger and then cross areas once he has passed.

Mutated Moreau

Explosives are your friend here, whether it’s mines, the grenade launcher, or the red barrels that are as explosive as they always are in video games. These explosions will stop him in his tracks, exposing his actual body for you to shoot. Once you’ve dealt a set amount of damage to him, he will climb on top of the houses and spit acid rain everywhere. When he climbs, look for yellow tape and take shelter in the closest building so you aren’t melted by the acid. Then, when it’s safe to come back out, continue with the same strategy.


Urias is back, and this time you’ll be armed to the teeth. This massive gimboid has some easily telegraphed attacks, so the real trick is to not get greedy when you’re dealing damage. Try to keep your distance and then run past him to avoid big swings. When he climbs to the platform, keep moving forward so he doesn’t hit you when he leaps back down. Otherwise, there’s nothing too complicated with this fight. Once again, mines and explosives are useful for dealing plenty of damage.


The fight against Sturm is initially scary until you realise that he is actually pretty simple.

The hardest part is getting him to break the walls without getting hurt yourself. When you first encounter Sturm, it’s best to run back to the start and wait for him to smash through the wall. If you’re lucky, you can dodge the first hit and then can proceed to run to the next part. You can hear him revving up to run and he will lock in his position and run in a straight line, making him predictable and fairly easy to dodge. Once enough of the area is opened up, you can just bait him into a wall, move early and shoot him in the weak spot on his back.

After taking some damage, he will get so hot he combusts and gains the ability to shoot fire. At this point, you want to get behind cover as he will cover the area in flames. He will then charge two or three times before giving you the opportunity to shoot him in his weak spot. Eventually he will “calm down” and you can back to regularly baiting him, then shooting until he drops.

Mutated Heisenberg

This fight is a wild ride. You need to quickly target the glowing red parts on his arms and stomach, but only use the cannon when he gets too close, as you cannot afford to take a ton of damage. If he does get close, use the block and then try to get away, preferably using the cannon to help create some distance.

After dealing enough damage, your machine will break and you’ll be on foot once more. This time, just keep going for shots on the fleshy parts of his head until he drops.

Urias Strajer

This fight is all about running circles around Urias while you wait for the mega beam death cannon to charge. On regular difficulty, two big hits and some rifle shots are more than enough to square this fight away. He is very similar to his brother, just in a tighter space.

Mutated Miranda

In this fight, blocking really is your friend. Miranda can normally get in and attack you quickly, so if you want to play it safe, keep your guard up until she swings in and then get some quick head shots off. While she is on foot, you can get away with strafing and shooting her, but in her spider and winged forms, she is a lot harder to dodge and a bit more unpredictable.

Halfway through, the screen will go dark and she will appear periodically to attack. Just kite around the outside of the arenaa and after four of her attacks, the room will go back to normal. When this happens, make sure you hide behind the spawned tree almost immediately to avoid the fire she will then spew. Now just rinse and repeat the previous attacks, taking note that she now rapidly transitions between forms.

After enough damage is done, she will grab Ethan in a final attempt to murder him. All you need to do here is aim and shoot her in the face as much as you can!

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