Mass Effect Legendary Edition is 101gb with a 13gb day one patch on PS4

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition was always going to be a hefty download, it contains three games and a load of DLC, and the file size has now been revealed. According to Twitter, these are this is how much disk space you are going to need on PlayStation consoles.

  • Base Game : 67.987 GB (US) 87.366 GB (EU)
  • Total Download Size :  80 GB (US) 101 GB (EU)
  • Update 1.01 : 11.7 GB (US) 13.3 (EU)

The remastered Mass Effect trilogy has a release date of May 14th 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with preloads going live on May 12th. The game will also be available on new consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) with some bonus enhancements.

As you can see from the trailer, the revamp has been extensive. BioWare has sought to retouch almost every aspect of the trilogy, both to make the games better suited for running in 4K instead of 720p, and also to bring the games up to a certain standard across the board.

This has taken place in three stages, starting off with remastering over thirty thousand individual textures, partially through an AI up-ressing program, and bringing all three game code bases to a more modern version of Unreal Engine 3.

Phase 2 then saw them modernise each game’s look, through feeding some assets back from Mass Effect 3 to the first game. They’ve obviously maintained character changes through the trilogy and stylistic tweaks to how the uniforms evolved, but ME3’s character models were much higher quality than ME1’s. That wasn’t the end of it, as the artists could still go back and increase things like poly counts and normal maps.

Then they improved skin, hair and eye shaders, expanded upon particle effects for things like fire and explosions, and just the general environment, depth of field, volumetric fog, and many other aspects of the game.


Source: Twitter

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  1. With my rural, mostly rubbish, internet I don’t think 2 days would be enough time to download it in time for release day!

  2. My Series X storage would be crying if I hadn’t had to buy the memory expansion. Now it’s only my bank account that’s crying.

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